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3 important notes when choosing air cushion bags

The quality of air cushion bags is an important choice
Air cushion bags 

The explosion of the packaging airbag market has made the corrugated box airbag a profitable dunnage material for many. However, poor quality dunnage airbag products can bring detrimental effects to businesses, and even have a negative impact on the quality of goods. Therefore, many people are very cautious when buying cargo airbags. In this article, we will show the issues that you need to pay attention to when choosing air cushion bags.

The quality of air cushion bags is an important choice

On the market, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of air cushion bags for packaging, which also leads to the uneven quality of airbags in the market. When buying a good inflatable airbag product, the first thing you need to pay attention to is quality, not price. In fact, many consumers are just beginning to care about price, and quality has become the second factor. The result of this approach is that although the cost of airbags may be lower, the quality of the air cushion bags will not be guaranteed, leading to many risks of cargo damage.

Nowadays, in order to achieve profit and reduce costs, instead of using HDPE as an airbag, some manufacturers have chosen poor-quality plastics or reduced the thickness of the film material. These airbag products are easily broken by hand, so protected goods may be at higher risk of damage. Therefore, it is advisable for you to check the product quality before buying the carton airbag.

To judge the quality of the cushion airbag material, it is necessary to observe the material of the cushion airbag material. The quality of different cushion airbag materials will have a different feel. We can observe from the outside whether the material is cloudy and has residue. You can use your hand to apply pressure on the air cushion bags to see if they are prone to breaking.

Choose the right type of air cushion bags

When choosing a cushion airbag material, we first determine our needs. There are many types of air cushion bags inserting cartons as packaging materials, such as column airbags, cushion airbags, pillow airbags, etc. Different cushion bag materials have different uses, we need to choose the cushion material. suitable according to the goods to be transported and packed.

It is necessary to check whether the various indicators of the packing material of the air cushion bags such as size, and thickness, to see if the dunnage solution meets the standard for compressive strength, toughness, and capacity shock resistance during transportation no.

It is necessary to consider and observe the moisture resistance of the carton packing material, which is an important function of the carton packing material. If the material of the airbag cushion is prone to moisture, it will not only affect the quality of our preserved products but also cause many unnecessary losses.

Consider the goods that need to be packed and transported

 air cushion bags 

The variety of products in terms of shape, weight, value, and susceptibility to impact is different, and the requirements for padding packaging materials are also different. Therefore, in order to achieve the best dunnage effect, consideration should be given to the characteristics of the goods to be transported. The effectiveness of the carton airbag depends on the weight of the product and the characteristics of the product inside. Since the airbag is in the form of a film encapsulating air, it is very easy to be punctured by sharp objects. Therefore, the carton packing airbag is not recommended to directly insert sharp items such as nails, needles, and knives.

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