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Cardboard Boxes are often used in industry to pack goods for storage or transportation. Thanks to their durable and sturdy design, the Cardboard Boxes can extremely well protect the goods contained inside during storage or transportation.

Characteristics of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Box (also known as a carton box) is a type of packaging box manufactured from cardboard. This is a type of paper manufactured from wood fibers bonded together by hydrogen bonds without the need for adhesives. Cardboard Boxes possess all the characteristics of cartons, such as firmness and rigidity, and can be easily transported and printed.

cardboard boxes
Characteristics of carton box

Construction of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes have 2 main parts:

The outer part (both sides of the paper) is the part that will determine the aesthetics of the packing carton. The outer surface of the packing carton is often decorated with various forms of design and printing to increase the aesthetics of the box.

The inner part (paper core): this is the part that determines the rigidity and thickness of the packing carton. The core will usually be different layers of waves with a wavy shape (waves a, b, c, and e). These corrugated layers will not stand alone but will be combined with a flat layer of paper to be fixed when processing.

In addition, the structure of the carton is also calculated according to the direction of the box, including a, x, b, and c. Most will be in centimeters. Note: a: Length (cm); b: Width (cm); c: Height (cm). The length, width, and height parameters are needed to calculate the bin area as well as other parameters.

Advantages of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes are small in size and light in weight, making them easy to transport and store.

It is easy to design and process large quantities.

Anti-scratch product.

Environmentally friendly materials can be recycled and reused in the future.

The cost of Cardboard Boxes is relatively lower than other types of cartons on the market.

Save 80% of product storage area when packed with Cardboard Boxes, helping to make the product warehouse more organized and square.

Carton packaging boxes are available in many different designs and sizes.

Packing cartons manufactured with modern technology and high quality will help the product increase its lifespan and be more sustainable during transportation.

cardboard boxes
Advantages of carton box

What are Cardboard Boxes used for?

Cardboard Boxes packing goods

Cardboard boxes used to pack goods are one of the most useful uses of this item. Most businesses will usually use 3-layer cartons made of medium-weight paper to pack goods and ship them nationwide.

For some goods transported with heavy weight and high value, they will be packed in a 5-layer carton with firmness and rigidity to better protect the goods.

Cardboard Boxes for moving house

Cartons can be used to move houses, pack household items in many different sizes of cartons to load on trucks, and transport them to new homes. Packing by carton means you will not have to worry about the contents of the box being damaged or scratched. In addition, using cartons will allow you to draw or write symbols on the box to classify the contents inside without having to open the box.

Cardboard Boxes packing fresh goods

There are many opinions that cartons are not suitable for storing fresh food. However, the reality is completely opposite. Cardboard Boxes are made of carton paper and have many different designs so that when storing fresh food, they will still keep the freshness of the food inside. Even the carton can contain fresh food for export. Some common products, such as fruits and poultry.

Many people think that cartons are not suitable for storing fresh food. However, the reality is completely opposite. Cardboard Boxes are made of carton paper, and thanks to the variety of designs (perforated, materials), when storing fresh food, they still retain the freshness of the food inside. Even Cardboard Boxes for fresh food can be used to store food for export.

cardboard boxes
Carton box packing fresh goods

Cardboard Boxes for packing dry food

Not only can it store fresh food, but cartons can also be used to store dried foods. The carton will ensure the dryness and crispiness of the food contained inside. Although the transportation process has many external influences such as vibration and shock, the carton will ensure that the food inside the box is still intact without losing the deliciousness of the product.

Cardboard Boxes to store documents in the company

A special application of cartons is to store documents in the company. The use of cartons to store documents will make it easier to classify documents. It also makes the process of putting in and taking out lighter and more convenient. Along with that, all documents contained in cartons can be stacked on shelves and stored for a long time, making them extremely neat and tidy.

Airplane check-in carton

Cardboard boxes can also be used to check into the plane as baggage. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and structure of the crate to best protect the goods inside and qualify for customs clearance.

Currently, on the market, there are many places that provide Cardboard Boxes at various prices. Customers should carefully study the information about the origin, specifications, and price before buying. Carton products provided by Sky Pak ensure the following factors:

  • Various sizes to suit every customer’s needs and quantities to pack for e-commerce
  • Meet all the quality, high-end, and most attractive design needs of each customer.
  • Anti-slip surface for the product
  • Reduces>99% of the impact on products when combined with Sky Pak’s anti-collision packaging.
  • Professional and dedicated 24/7 customer care and consulting services are provided before, during, and after the purchase.
  • Return the goods if they do not meet the quality and quantity promised.
  • If you buy cartons in bulk, immediately contact the hotline at 079 3333 086 for a good price policy and free shipping.

Sky Pak hopes this article will help you better understand Cardboard Boxes products. From there, you can choose the optimal packing solution for individuals and businesses.

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