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Easycut 4000 Safety Knife

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The Easycut 4000 Safety Knife is designed to meet the most stringent criteria in commercial unpacking. The device is designed to be exceptionally safe and long-lasting, saving time, money, and reducing risk during the installation process.

The Easycut 4000 safety knife is a more advanced version of the Easycut 2000 Safety Knife.

Basic information about the Easycut 4000 safety knife

Benefits of using the Easycut 4000

This device, like the Easycut 2000 safety knife, is a long-lasting and secure solution for enterprises and retailers who import frequently. When unpacking products with scissors or a paper cutter, there is always the possibility of an accident or harm to the contents. Furthermore, while working with large items, thick tape, or straps, the above two instruments are easily destroyed.

The Easycut 4000 safety knife has been investigated and enhanced in terms of design and construction, allowing for faster unpacking and the preservation of items. The Easycut 4000 safety knife is an excellent solution for businesses looking to increase productivity and reduce risk.

Structure and operating principle of the Easycut 4000

The basic structure of the Easycut 4000 safety knife includes a plastic cap, knife body and 3-level blade depth adjustment button.

Easycut 4000 Safety Knife

The Easycut 4000 product has been improved in quality and design

  • Principle of Operation

The blade of the Easycut 4000 safety knife is simply taken out thanks to a push button design along the knife body; the user only needs to open the knife cover to get to work right away. On all paper boxes, there are three steps to accurately change the blade depth, making it perfect for cutting cartons, tapes, straps, and other materials.

Easycut 4000 Safety Knife

There are 3 settings to adjust the depth of the blade for precise cuts of a variety of packaging

Outstanding advantages of the Easycut 4000 safety knife

The product possesses all the great advantages from the Easycut 2000 safety knife.

    • Products are made to be adaptable. It can be used by both left and right-handed folks.
    • The 3-mode adjustment knob on the knife body can be used to modify the blade depth.
    • Container pulling with high precision and ease is possible thanks to the knife-edge adjustment edge.
  • The revolutionary smart design of the rounded cutting point protects the contents of the box and reduces the danger of accidents during handling.
  • The lid and lanyard can be linked to the user’s belt, assisting with the attachment of the knife body and preventing the cutter from being lost.
  • The blade should be replaced every 6 months and has a shelf life of 3-5 years. Save money and time by cutting labor costs.
  • 81 blades are included in the blade box.
  • Safecutter, a firm in the United States, manufactures and imports the products.

More specifically, the patented design technology of the Easycut 4000 is “Blade Vanishing Technology,” which allows the blade to retract inside as soon as it loses contact with the cutting surface, ensuring absolute safety for the user and increasing work efficiency, making it particularly suitable for the need to open goods continuously in a short period of time.

With the main black and gray tones, the design is more modern and neater.

Does the Easycut 4000 safety knife have disadvantages?

With so many of the Easycut 4000 safety knife’s advantages, it’s clear that the device is the best choice for optimizing package unpacking operations, with nearly no defects in usage. The product, however, costs more than the Easycut 2000 safety knife.

Easycut 4000 Safety Knife

The Easy Cut 4000 safety knife is ideal for repeatedly unloading and unloading packages in a short amount of time.

A convenient solution for customers who buy SKY PAK’s Easycut 4000 safety knife

SKY PAK is one of two official distributors of Easycut 4000 safety knife products in Vietnam market, quality commitment is always the top priority.

  • Providing a comprehensive service: Professional purchasing and shipping process, free sample supply, and quick and attentive guidance
  • Providing detailed user manual catalog
  • Thoroughly consulting and providing products according to customer requirements
  • Competitive price with good discount according to purchase quantity
  • 1-to-1 warranty with unsatisfactory products

Hopefully, the information about Easy Cut produced by SKY PAK has given you a good overview of the product and enabled you to make an informed decision for your company’s needs.


    • Size: 15cm
    • Blade size: 4cm
    • Structure: Plastic shell, lid components – plastic buttons and stainless steel blades.
    • Packing box:
      Knives: 12 pieces/box
      Blades: 81 blades/box
    • Warranty: 1 month exchange for technical defects
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