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Air bubble film is one of the widely used materials in the field of packaging and transportation of goods. With lightweight, flexible, and good protection, air foam has become the first choice of many businesses and e-commerce shop owners in protecting their products.

Structure of the air bubble film

air bubble film
Structure of the bubble film

Air bubble film is made from Polyethylene resin imported from Malaysia, so it is transparent, supple, and soft, and has very high elasticity. Air bubble particles are evenly distributed on the surface of the film, providing maximum shock absorption and impact protection for the goods.
The air bubble film has a 2-layer structure, including a membrane layer and a layer of air bubbles. The main material used to make this product is Low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This is the basic and characteristic structure of the bubble wrap used to wrap goods.

Uses of air bubble film

air bubble film
Uses of bubble film

Foam is an efficient and convenient packaging solution for a wide variety of goods ranging from e-commerce products to large, high-value items such as furniture, motorcycles, ceramics, and merchandise. export goods…

With the characteristics of elasticity, elasticity, and high strength, the air bubble film can protect the goods from bumps, scratches, dirt, and moisture during transportation. At the same time, the vapor foam film also helps to minimize the impact of external factors such as sunlight, wind, rain, and changes in ambient temperature.

Foam film can also be used to protect machinery and equipment when not in use, preserve seafood and agricultural products to prevent crushing, line pond banks and cover agricultural soil, and use as tarpaulins rain. Customers can even easily cut and process films to smaller sizes to suit their packaging needs, not only enhancing safety but also minimizing costs incurred during use. use.

Advantages of air bubble film

air bubble film
Advantages of air bubble film
  • High durability: With the ability to resist shocks and impact forces of external factors, air bubble film helps protect goods safe during transportation and storage.
  • Good thickness and elasticity: Air foam film has good thickness and elasticity, which helps to create a strong and smooth protective layer for goods.
  • Design flexibility: The air bubble film can be cut and processed according to the customer’s packaging needs, saving costs and optimizing the packaging process.
  • Environmentally friendly: Derived from Polyethylene resin, the foam film is an environmentally friendly product, easy to recycle and reuse.
  • Cost saving: With its large size and reusability, the air bubble film saves on packaging and shipping costs.

Why should you buy air bubble film at Sky Pak?

Our company is one of the leading suppliers of air bubble film with many years of experience in the field of packaging and freight. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and services to meet their packaging needs. Air foam provided by Sky Pak ensure the following factors:

  • Manufactured from high-quality raw materials and rigorously tested to ensure the durability and safety of the goods.
  • We offer bubble wrap in various sizes and thicknesses to suit all packaging needs.
  • We are always committed to providing our customers competitive prices and the best support services.
  • The staff is extremely professional and enthusiastic. Always ready to support, advise and answer all questions of customers.
  • Buy inflatable foam in bulk, immediately contact the hotline: 079 3333 086 for a good price policy and free shipping.

Therefore, when buying air bubble film at Sky Pak, customers will be assured of product quality, reasonable price, and best support service.

Sky Pak hopes this article will help you better understand the foam film product. From there, you can choose the optimal packing solution for individuals and businesses.

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