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Old Pinewood Pallets

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Old pinewood pallets are a great solution to save costs and optimize space for enterprises in the transport or storage of goods. Old pinewood pallets qualified for export are certified with ISPM 15.

Thanks to high-quality imported pinewood, the old products are still very secured with a load over 1000kg, in order to transport and export goods to foreign countries. However, it is recommended for customers to find a reputable manufacturer to obtain high-quality products.

Origin and information of old pinewood pallets on the market

Origin of old pinewood pallets

Old pinewood is able to be reused for a long time for various purposes thanks to natural resin contained in pinewood that prevents the invasion of termites for long-term use.

Old pinewood pallets are originated from pinewood products or secondhand pinewood pallets that were directly imported from high-quality pinewood markets such as Brazil, New Zealand, Chile, etc.

After being imported into Vietnam, these products must go through a strict inspection, fumigation, be disassembled into each piece of wood bar, and checked for quality before reusing – then assembled into old pinewood pallets.

Old pinewood pallets
Imported old pinewood pallets have a solid structure without termites, and mold


Outstanding advantages of old pinewood pallets

  • Old pinewood pallet is a cost-effective logistics option by a cheaper price compared to new ones
  • The bearing capacity is almost the same as the new ones
  • Reused pinewood is very new, and carefully carved and disinfected
  • Various sizes, and assembly at the request of customers
  • Good resistance to termites
  • Because of high applicability, old pinewood pallets can be reused for furniture in addition to applications in logistics

Old pinewood pallets

Disadvantages of old pinewood pallets

  • An unattractive appearance since they have been used
  • The ability to protect the goods cannot be as good as the new ones
  • Hard to control the quality
  • It is flammable, resulting in fire
  • Susceptible to mold under high humidity conditions
  • The product may be broken in case of improper use or overloading

In addition to the outstanding advantages of cost optimization and high bearing capacity, the pallets made of old pinewood are still subject to some certain limitations that can be completely overcome and controlled through some advice from SKY PAK’s experts

The ways for selection and preservation of old pinewood pallets

  • The customers need to determine the needs and weight of the goods, if the pallets are only used in logistics, their appearance is not a matter. Accordingly, customers can save a large amount of money compared to new ones.
  • Investigate thoroughly products and choose a reputable manufacturer who can give useful advice on appropriate loads, duration and most importantly, provide old pallets as committed.
  • The warehouses must be well ventilated and clean. Do not place the products near high humidity areas or in contact with fire

Criteria for a standard pinewood pallet

The qualified pinewood pallets for export to foreign markets must meet quality standard ISPM 15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15) – mandatory packaging safety standards for wooden products, wooden pallets, etc. exported to foreign countries.

The product needs to undergo a strict sterilization process to get a certificate. There are 2 approved sterilization methods:

+ Heat treatment

+ Use of a chemical named Methyl Bromide. This standard is intended to prevent the spread of insects and pathogens with negative impacts on the plants and ecosystems of other countries through export.

Suppliers of standard pinewood pallets must obtain a certificate, and the pinewood pallets must be also stamped with a standard certificate as shown in the illustrative figure below.

Standard certificate is stamped after the sterilization of the pallets

A convenient solution for customers who use the pinewood pallets of SKYPAK

SKYPAK is a reputable supplier of ISPM 15-certified pinewood pallets with wood origin from foreign partners such as Brazil, New Zealand, Chile, etc. to produce superior pinewood pallets, and export to the demanding markets in the world such as the US and Europe.

  • Provide pinewood pallets in bulk to large-scale enterprises with the factories of over 5000 m2, and a production scale of more than 40000 products per month
  • All-in service: Quick – professional consultation, free use of samples, professional purchasing and delivery process
  • Custom design on request
  • A competitive price with good discounts based on the ordering quantity
  • 1-to-1 exchange warranty for damaged pinewood pallet
Old pinewood pallets
The factory has an area of over 5000 m2 with a production scale of more than 40000 products per month

SKYPAK is committed to the quality of old pinewood pallets


  • The pallets are still firm, and not too old
  • The pieces of wood underwent an IPSM 15-standard sterilization process
  • The pallets have no termites and are even in all specifications
  • Custom design on request
  • There are 2 types: 4-way pallet and 2-way pallet

Customers are required to provide

Type of wood

Ordering quantity

Detailed drawings (if any)

If the drawings are not available, the customer needs to provide the entire information about the dimensions of the wooden bars, stringers, and stands

Other requirements: trimming or not, issuance of HT or MB certificates, prints on products, etc.

Hopefully, the information about the new pinewood pallet provided by the SKY PAK will give customers an overview of the product for the easy selection of the right products based on the needs of enterprises.



    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 800x1200x150 / 140mm 1100x1100x150 / 140mm 1000x1200x150 / 140mm
    • Weight: > 15kg
    • Material: Wooden
    • Load bearing capacity: > 1000kg
    • Made by Vietnam
    • Standard quality: ISPM 15
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