Every year, hundreds of businesses in Vietnam are faced with returning goods because they are moldy or have damaged components, causing huge losses of up to hundreds of billions of dong. The main cause of this problem often stems from inappropriate storage conditions, improper storage, and environments with too high temperature or humidity.

In this article, SKY PAKAGING will help you distinguish more clearly between desiccant packages and oxygen absorber packages, helping your business choose the most suitable preservation method, thereby minimizing the risk of damage. goods and save costs.

What is a desiccant packages? What are the outstanding advantages of desiccant packages?

Desiccant packages have become a familiar and indispensable product in modern manufacturing industry. With a reasonable price and effective ability to control humidity, desiccant packages have attracted widespread attention and use from businesses.

With the common ingredient Silica Gel, the desiccant package has the main effect of eliminating and minimizing the humidity of the environment containing the product, increasing the time the goods are preserved. Moisture-proof beads are usually round in shape, about 3-5mm in diameter. Currently, desiccant particles are not only white but also dyed into different colors, improving aesthetics.

a. Silica Gel desiccant packages

Desiccant beads are a chemical called Silicon Dioxide. They are commonly known as Silica Gel desiccant beads or Silicic Acid gel.

The chemical formula of desiccant beads is: SiO2.2H2O

Under natural conditions, they are hard and spongy, white in color, quite durable at normal temperatures and have excellent hygroscopicity.

In terms of chemistry, Silica Gel desiccant packs contain inert chemicals and are quite stable at normal temperatures.

Silica Gel beads are white when not hydrated and turn blue when absorbing water.

SiO2 molecules will retain water molecules in their hollow cavity. According to research, a Silica Gel particle is very small but can absorb a maximum amount of water vapor equal to 40% of its weight.

When dried, the blue Silica Gel particles will return to white, and they will again become a very inert and stable compound in the air.

Thanks to these characteristics, Silica Gel is widely used in production.

b. Clay desiccant packages

Clay desiccant packs have the main ingredient clay, in very small pellets or powder form, gray in color. Clay granules are an economical and very effective desiccant product when used under normal temperature and relative humidity conditions to absorb moisture.

Inside the packaging, desiccant bags or pouches are very effective and safe to reduce the humidity level inside the packaging. Manufactured with natural raw materials, safe for the user and for the environment, the clays and their tissues are selected to ensure product quality in terms of durability and high levels of absorption.

The product has a fast decomposition time, so it is more environmentally friendly than silica gel desiccant beads. For goods exported to countries that require high environmental standards such as Japan and countries in the European Union (EU), choosing a Clay desiccant package is an extremely reasonable choice.

c. Salt desiccant packages

The salt desiccant package’s main ingredient is milky white Salt (Calcium Chloride) powder, does not change color when fully hydrated, is non-toxic, does not change when fully hydrated. Ability to absorb moisture up to 300% of powder volume (depending on the humidity of the surrounding environment).

The product has the highest hygroscopicity among common types of desiccants. The salt desiccant package is capable of absorbing moisture up to 300% of the powder volume (depending on the humidity of the surrounding environment).

However, because of its outstanding advantages, its dehumidifying ability is far superior to other dehumidifying products as well as being friendly to the user’s health, the price of the Salt Dehumidifying Pack is relatively more expensive than other dehumidifying products. normal humidity.

Advantages of desiccant packages:

Non-toxic and non-flammable

Often used in dry foods to absorb any moisture that could spoil the food.

Reduces condensation and allows stored items to stay dry even in humid conditions.

Can absorb up to 40% of its own weight.

What is an Oxygen Suction Pack? Advantages of Ohunter Oxygen Absorber Packages?

Oxygen absorber packages have the ability to absorb and deoxidize. When packaging food, a small amount of oxygen still exists. If you use an oxygen absorber package, it will help preserve long-term food from degeneration, moisture, mold and rancidity.

Ohunter Oxygen Absorber Package has main ingredients of iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, sodium salt, etc. Use the Oxygen Absorber package to absorb all the oxygen that exists in the environment containing the product, to prevent oxidation. Oxidation of foods. In particular, the Ohunter oxygen absorber package works extremely well in oily environments.

Oxygen absorber packages have uses such as:

  • Anti mold
  • Prevents loss of food flavor
  • Resists termites and insects
  • Prevents oil from oxidizing in food

Advantages of Ohunter Oxygen Absorber Packages:

Superior deoxygenation capacity (8 times the capacity) compared to other oxygen absorber packages

Good moisture absorption ability.

Works well in oily environments: pia cake, moon cake…

Extends preservation time by 3 times.

Ability to kill mold, termites, and insects.

Researched and produced with modern technology lines from Singapore

Safe for consumers, does not cause cancer.

Retains the color and flavor of food without undergoing bacterial treatment.

gói hút oxy ohunter

Applications of desiccant packages in production:

Used to package and preserve products:

  • Pharmacy
  • Medical diagnostic kit
  • Electronic device
  • Mechanical goods
  • Optical instruments
  • Food packaging
  • Wooden furniture and utensils
  • Exported garments

Applications of Ohunter Oxygen absorber packages in production:

Pia Cake: The product contains a large amount of oil, which is an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mold when exposed to high humidity. Ohunter oxygen absorber packs are able to work well in oily environments, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and mold.

Mooncakes: Mooncakes contain a large amount of moisture from ingredients such as eggs, butter, and water. In addition, this type of cake contains a lot of oil and fat. This creates a moist environment ideal for the growth of bacteria and mold. Ohunter oxygen absorber packs contain diatomaceous earth, which is able to work well in oily and humid environments, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and mold.

Dry food: Dry food is susceptible to bacteria. Using an oxygen absorber will protect food from oxidation and spoilage organisms, including mold. Oxygen absorber packs contain diatomaceous earth that can prevent mold.

Dried fruit: The product is easily oxidized if exposed to outside air. If you use an oxygen absorber package, it will minimize the difficulty of bacteria and mold growing and causing damage to dried fruit.


With diversity and flexibility in use, oxygen absorbers and desiccant packs both play an important role in maintaining product quality and safety. Through the above article, SKY PAK hopes you have a clear understanding of the above two types of products and have the most suitable choice to ensure that your goods are best preserved.

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