Is an oxygen absorber pack safe for food?

Although oxygen absorbers are commonly used in the packaging industry today, many people are still concerned about their safety. The oxygen absorber pack put together with food will adversely affect the quality of food. To answer this question, let’s analyze and clarify the components of the oxygen suction package.

Oxygen absorber pack

The composition of the oxygen absorber pack

Oxygen absorber pack

The shell of the oxygen absorber pack uses to protect the internal components. Therefore, preventing these substances from coming into direct contact with the food. Most oxygen absorber packages are covered by at least two layers of PET and PE plastic. For the anti-oil oxygen absorber package, there is also an extra layer of oil-resistant paper in the middle, which is very strong. Therefore, the substances inside the oxygen absorber pack are difficult or impossible to contact with food.

Internal structure

The oxygen absorber package is a mixture of substances produced from 3 main ingredients: iron powder, activated carbon, and sodium chloride.

Oxygen absorber pack
The internal structure of the oxygen absorber pack

The internal structure of the oxygen absorber pack:

  • Iron powder:

Iron powder is considered the main component of the oxygen absorber package. The iron powder acts as an oxygen absorber. When exposed to oxygen in the air, the iron powder will chemically react to form Fe(OH)3, which reduces the available oxygen and brings it down to as low as 0.01%. Oxidation involves the reaction of various elements with oxygen in the atmosphere. This is a natural chemical reaction and cannot be controlled absolutely. However, the preservation of products from oxidation is necessary. In the last two decades, the use of iron powder as a deoxidizer, protecting products from oxidation has been well accepted by many manufacturers and customers.

  • Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride (NaCl) which is known as salt sodium chloride is added to the mixture, acting as a catalyst or activator involved in the oxidation process. Sodium chloride can cause the iron powder to oxidize even in cases of low relative humidity. When oxygen is consumed to form iron oxide. This absorption can reduce the oxygen level in the surrounding air to less than 0.01%.

  • Activated carbon

Activated carbon (also known as activated carbon), is a type of charcoal that has been treated with oxygen at very high temperatures to make it more porous. Activated carbon is in the form of a fine, black powder, containing a lot of pores as small as molecular size. Thanks to this special structure, activated carbon has a rather large surface area. So they very easily absorb certain gases and react with many different substances. Activated carbon is used to eat up other gases and deodorize the product.

Are oxygen absorber packs safe?

From the analysis of the ingredients of the oxygen absorber pack above, it can be seen that the packaging is firm, the ingredients are clear, there are no carcinogens, and there are no side effects. This is a good product to preserve and maintain the freshness of food.

Moreover, Ohunter oxygen absorber products are researched and manufactured according to Singapore’s quality standards. They are tested for quality and safety by leading inspection agencies in Vietnam named Food Safety and Hygiene (Food Hygiene and Safety). Especially the strictest standards in the world include the US FDA (granted by the US Food and Drug Administration), SGS Test, and ISO standard.

The oxygen absorber package is not only used in food preservation but also used in other fields with higher safety requirements such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc. This proves that the oxygen suction package is safe. Manufacturers and users can be completely assured when using.


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