Why should you use Oxygen Absorbers?

Oxygen absorbers are known as products used to preserve foods. Currently, we can easily find them in packages of confectionery and dried food. Up to now, there are still many people who do not know the benefits of the oxygen absorber. In this article, let’s learn about the composition of oxygen absorbers and why they play an important role in food preservation.

What Are Oxygen Absorbers?

Oxygen absorbers are products in the form of a package with a small size, inside containing many compounds such as iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, and sodium salt. They allow oxygen and moisture to enter inside but prevent iron powder from escaping.

Oxygen Absorbers

These oxygen absorber products are often used to preserve low-moisture foods and several foods containing oils such as:

  • Types of cakes: Moon cake, Pia cake, bread, and cream cake, etc
  • Nuts, tea, coffee, pepper, etc
  • Agricultural products: rice, potatoes, cassava, beans of all kinds, etc
  • Processed foods and foods such as dried fish, dried shrimp, dried squid, etc.
  • Types of pharmaceuticals: functional foods, dietary supplements, eastern, and western medicine.
  • Packaged dry food for pets etc.

In addition to the main function of absorbing oxygen and dehumidifying, they also ensure that food is not moldy or damaged, helping to keep the original delicious state, taste, and color as fresh as the original.

Why should you use Oxygen Absorbers?

In the process of product packaging, if there is still a lot of oxygen inside, it will create two serious problems, including:

  • Food is oxidized. Oxidation, a chain reaction that occurs in the presence of oxygen, is responsible for the deterioration in the quality of food products, including off-flavors and off-odors
  • If oxygen persists in food for a long time, it will create favorable conditions for aerobic bacteria to grow. These bacteria grow in the food environment, causing food to spoil and mold.

For the reasons above, to ensure food safety and quality, it is essential to remove oxygen inside the packaging. To solve this problem, you should use the ohunter oxygen absorber packs. In addition, ohunter oxygen absorber packs meet even the most stringent quality safety standards in the world – FDA(issued by the US Food and Drug Administration). Therefore, customers can be completely assured of their safety.

How do oxygen absorbers work?

As mentioned above, the main ingredients of the oxygen absorber packs are iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, etc. The main ingredient is iron powder to help the oxygen absorber packs work.

When the oxygen absorber packets are put into the product packaging, the iron powder will react with the oxygen in the air to form iron oxide. The process of a reaction will produce heat to help reduce all the oxygen inside the product packaging. Thereby helping to prevent oxidation in food and eliminate the main food source of aerobic bacteria.

Oxygen Absorbers

In addition to the deoxidizing function, the activated carbon and diatomaceous earth components in the ohunter oxygen absorber packs are capable of dehumidifying and sterilizing the product.

In general, the oxygen absorber pack plays a very important role in consumer staples. They not only help protect your product but also keep your product in top condition. Because of its great uses, oxygen absorbers are increasingly being used throughout the country and the world.

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