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How Do You Identify A Quality Oxygen Absorber Package?

Oxygen absorber packages do not seem too strange to consumers. You can easily see them inside food or pharmaceutical products.  A quality oxygen absorber Package will help preserve and extend the product’s shelf life, preserving flavor and maintaining the freshness of the food. So as the person responsible for the preservation of food, you cannot use a poor- quality oxygen absorber pack for your product. Therefore, it is essential to identify a quality oxygen absorber package before use.

A quality oxygen absorber package
A quality oxygen absorber package

What happens if you use a poor-quality oxygen absorber pack?

In today’s market, there are still many businesses for immediate profit that ignore consumers’ health. Regardless of the consequences, to save costs, these production facilities often use cheap and poor-quality oxygen absorber products to preserve food.

The oxygen absorber pack is an indispensable product in the industrial production industry. It has the function of absorbing oxygen and moisture, keeping the food storage space dry. Thereby, it helps to limit the cases of spoilage, mold, or bacteria growth and preserve the products well before reaching the consumer.

The use of poor-quality oxygen absorbers in food preservation causes the following harms:

  • The ability to absorb oxygen is poor, and the amounts of oxygen in the packaging are still high, which will cause the food to be oxidized quickly. At the same time, creating favorable conditions for aerobic bacteria to grow, leading to moldy and spoiled food.
  • Poor quality products may contain preservative ingredients of unknown origin that affect the quality of the food.
  • Poor quality oxygen absorber packages may be torn during transportation due to unsafe packaging, causing oxygen absorbers inside to mix into the products, and causing poisoning for consumers.
  • If you are not careful in choosing preserved products, it will affect the reputation and reputation of the business.

How to recognize a quality oxygen absorber package

The most recognizable sign of a good quality oxygen absorber is the softness of the pack. Since the main ingredient of the oxygen absorber pack is fine iron powder, if it comes in contact with the oxygen absorber package, it is soft, which means the product is quality. Conversely, avoid using oxygen absorbers that have lumpy or solidified iron powder.

In addition to iron powder, the oxygen absorber package contains activated carbon. Therefore, the quality product will have a black powder. If the material inside turns yellow. It means that the products are not of good quality and will not be effective when used.

A quality oxygen absorber package
Ingredients inside the oxygen absorber pack

Quality oxygen absorber package products must ensure to meet quality safety standards. In particular, it must meet international standards FDA – standards on food hygiene and safety and pharmaceuticals (issued by the US Food and Drug Administration). It is an extremely important and mandatory certificate if businesses want to export goods to foreign countries and the most demanding markets in the world.

Hopefully, the information SKYPAK provided above is useful for customers in choosing oxygen absorber packages to preserve their products. If you need more information or want to buy an oxygen suction package, please contact SKYPAK. Our team of experts will support more specific advice.

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