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Nhãn phát hiện va đập 50g Impact Indicator

Impact Label 50G

Impact Label 50G

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When products are impacted during shipping and delivery, impact labels can alert you. Raise the level of awareness among the parties involved in the logistics chain, lowering the risk of package damage due to the transit process by up to 70%.

WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan, developed the product, which has been certified by SGS, TUV Germany, and ISO 9001: 2015, among others. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on the impact label. 

Basic characteristics of impact labels 

Structure and Operation method of impact labels

The Impact Label consists of two components: a warning label and an impact label containing a red liquid inside.

Impact labels  

Operation method 

Before sending the container over to the carrier, the impact label is applied. The impact label will activate and turn red if there is too much impact on the package. As a result, participants in the logistics chain can quickly determine whether the item has been bumped during transit.

Impact labels 

Description of operation of impact label 

Advantages of impact labels

  • It’s simple to use. The back of the impact label has a decal; when using it, simply pull out the decal and stick it in the box. The plastic decal is waterproof and UV resistant, guaranteeing that the product can be used in a variety of transportation situations.
  • Each impact label has its own unique identifier for traceability, so it cannot be replaced with a new one.
  • The operation mechanism is flawless; nevertheless, the impact lablel has turned red and will not return to its former state.
  • Lightweight and simple to store.
  • There are five different sorts of labels, each with its own level of sensitivity. Impact label 25 g, 37 g, 50 g, 75 g, 100 g; 5 distinct colors, including yellow, purple, red, orange, and green.

Impact labels 

There are 5 types of labels with different sensors, suitable for the characteristics of the goods inside the package

Outstanding benefits of using impact label 50g 

  • Impact label 50g is the most sensitive approach to identify modest impact force levels 50g and can help detect problems with items in real time.
  • Increase the number of people who are aware of the parties involved in package handling and transportation.
  • Before receiving the delivery, the receiving partner can inspect it completely.
  • Reduce the risk of package damage caused by shipping by up to 70%. (according to actual testing from the manufacturer WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltd)

When to choose impact label 50g?

Depending on the characteristics of the goods to be transported, and the size of the package to choose the right label.

Impact label 50g is frequently used in a variety of sectors to detect medium impact and shock force. 

Impact label 50g is the best choice for customers in case of:

  • Goods may be subject to slight vibrations, but unusual drops or impacts are not allowed
  • Abnormal drops or bumps are unacceptable
  • Goods to be transported must not fall more than 30-60 cm

Usage attention for impact label 50g 

There are no obvious downsides to the product with the impact label, which is designed primarily for huge goods moved over long distances. Customers must, however, pay attention to a few difficulties while using.

  • Because the impact label 50g is the most sensitive, you must be gentle when applying it to avoid the impact label turning red before shipping, resulting in waste.
  • Customers should paste two labels close to the bottom of the box, situated at diagonal angles on opposing sides of the box, for large-sized products.
  • To avoid being exchanged/swapped during the transportation of large items, save the barcode on the label as a foundation for tracing the package.

Labels on both sides for large packages

WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltd

WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltd, Taiwan is the 2nd largest provider of freight solutions in the world, trusted by domestic and foreign businesses in more than 50 countries, including top Fortune 500 companies.

The manufacturing technology of impact labels is exclusively transferred from the US and commercialized in the Japanese territory, but the price is extremely reasonable when distributed in Vietnam.

Label products are certified to meet international quality standards such as ISO 9001: 2015, SGS quality and safety certification, and TUV Rheinland certification, which recognizes techniques and assesses the quality and safety of products and services in accordance with international standards, among others.

A convenient solution for customers who buy SKY PAK’s labels

SKY PAK is the official distributor of impact labels of WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltd in the Vietnam market, commitment to quality is always the top priority. 

  • Providing a comprehensive service: Professional purchasing and shipping process, free sample supply, and quick and attentive guidance
  • Providing detailed user manual catalog
  • Thoroughly consulting and providing products according to customer requirements
  • Competitive price with good discount according to purchase quantity
  • 1-to-1 warranty with unsatisfactory products

Hopefully, the information about the impact detection label produced by SKY PAK has given you a good overview of the product and enabled you to make an informed decision for your company’s needs.  


  • Packing: 50 pieces/box
  • Structure: Paper decal, plastic and liquid tube indicating red color when impacted.
  • Mechanism: When the impact/falling package reaches the force limit, the bulkhead breaks and the red liquid escapes to show that the cargo has been hit/dropped.
  • Certification: Taiwan’s exclusive patent, SGS-ROHS, German TUV test, ISO 9001-2015, licensed in Japan.
  • Expiry date: 2 years from the date of shipment.
  • Force limit: 50G

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