XD 300 Air Blower

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An air blower is a machine that pumps air into dunnage bags, such as cushion or pillow air bags, from cartons.

The XD 300 blower is ideal for small businesses and manufacturers due to its inexpensive cost and moderate capacity.

Basic information about XD 300 Air Blower

Electronics, cosmetics, and fragile commodities all use airbags to keep their contents secure during storage and transportation. As a result, the quality of airbags is critical to the preservation of products.

To achieve this, in addition to a high-quality airbag cover, the amount of air injected must be just right, neither too flat or too tight, to ensure that the goods are as shockproof as possible. In addition, the machine capacity must match the criteria of being fast and stable in order to save labor time and money.

To ensure the quality of the airbags, the amount pumped into the bags must be even and just enough.

The XD 300 blower is a specialist equipment for pumping air into carton lining air bags that meets quality standards by providing a stable, adjustable air intake and sealing at a speed of 12 meters per minute.

The XD 100 blower is a specialized device for pumping air into the carton dunnage bags.

Structure of XD 300 air blower

Control panel: Control panel of the blower aims at adjusting welding temperature, air quantity, film length to be blown, machine start and stop

Air slot: Leads air into the film roll

Heat seal slot: Pull the film through the heat seal slot, using the IN button on the control panel

Rotary roller: Install the film roll into the machine

Film guide bar: Used to fix the film when blowing air

Machine support bar: Helps keep the machine balance, and avoid falling when operating

Strap cover: Holds and protects straps and machine blades

Advantages of XD 300 blower

  • Simple to operate
  • The body is designed in a clean, modern style. Controlling a simple control panel is simple.
  • Many different types of airbags can be inflated with this bag.
  • The amount of air pumped is consistent, and it can be modified as needed.
  • The machine is small and portable, making it easy to change working positions.
  • With a capacity of 12m/min, the sealing speed is quick.

Simple-to-control and easy-to-use panel

Does the XD 300 blower have disadvantages?

The XD 100 air blower is a good choice for small-scale enterprises for pumping air into cargo bags; for larger-scale businesses, customers can refer to the XD 300 air blower.

Note from an SKY PAK expert: When buying products, it’s important to find a reliable source to assure quality, especially during use. If the machine breaks down, users should not attempt to repair it themselves and should instead contact the provider for warranty information.

XD 300 Blower User Manual

Step 1: Press the START button to start the machine

Step 2: Insert the airbag roll into the support shaft. Open a small hole in the mouth of the bag near the machine, just small enough to insert the air pump nozzle.

Step 3: Open and pull the bag roll gradually through the gap between the 2 clamp bars, and at the same time start pumping air

Step 4: The bag is held in the left hand, while the right hand presses and holds the IN button until the bag moves roughly 5cm away from the welding seam conveyor belt.

Step 5: At this point, the operator just needs to stand and control the finished airbag to come out. When you need to stop, press STOP on the control panel.

Customers can watch more videos on how to use the machine here


Convenient solution for customers buying XD 300 blower from SKY PAK

In Vietnam, SKY PAK is the official distributor of XD 300 blower goods, and quality is always a top priority.

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  • 12 months warranty with XD 300 blower

Hopefully, the information about XD 300 Bower produced by SKY PAK has given you a good overview of the product and enabled you to make an informed decision for your company’s needs.

    • Dimensions: L450mm*W420mm*H320mm
    • Electrical Supply: 220/110VAC, 50Hz
    • Power: 300W
    • Speed: 12m/min
    • Box type: Cardbaord Box
    • Selling: Europe
    • Certification:CE Certificate
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