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Air Pillow

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Air Pillow have increasingly been popular with retailers and businesses on e-commerce platforms because of their convenience and good ability to protect goods.

Currently, there are many different types of airbags that can meet various needs. For containers with a lot of empty space, air pillows are definitely safe and effective solutions.

Basic features of the air pillow

Air Pillow

The airbag is made of eco-friendly HDPE plastic and has the same shape as a pillow.

Packaging provides convenience for users with large rolls, easy to separate thanks to the easyline. When used, it only takes about 5-10 seconds to inflate with the help of an airbag blower.

The air pillows are suitable for padding the cartons when there is still a lot of space inside. Their function is to fix goods, reduce friction and impact during transportation.

It only takes 5-10 seconds to inflate the airbags with the assistance of an air bag blower

Customer can watch more instructions for inflating the air pillows here

Advantages of the air pillows

    • They are suitable for filling large empty spaces which can help to absorb and reduce friction and shock in the transportation process.
    • Multi-purpose; they can be used to pad many goods transported in carton boxes
    • The amount of gas pumped in can be adjusted accordingly
    • There are many different sizes suitable for customers’ demand
    • Large-roll structure (300-500m) helps save storage space.
    • They also help to improve the aesthetics of the box
  • The weight of the airbag is so light that the weight of the box stays unchanged and no additional shipping costs.
  • Force resistance is extremely good (from 40-70 kg)
  • The bags made up of HDPE plastic are durable, safe for consumers’ health and recyclable

Large roll structure, easy to separate by Easyline

Commodity protection mechanism of the air pillows

When packing goods, airbags are pumped into an appropriate amount of gas. The airbags fill the space in the box. “Soft air pillows” help absorb and reduce friction, impact during transportation.

The shape of the airbag is similar to the “air pillows”, helping to support and reduce friction for the box

Disadvantages of the airbags

Similar to other types of airbags, the air pillows are more expensive than the method of using foam as usual because of the cost of the air blower attached

Although they are environmentally friendly, the products are still unable to be recycled by the end user.

Suggestions from Sky Pak experts

From the given characteristics, customers can consider the benefits of the ability to protect and the aesthetics of the package. Long-term investment to optimize labor, warehouse, and keep professional images in the eyes of consumers will increase competitive advantage for businesses, especially in the era of e-commerce development today.

Professional images when reaching customers to help increase competitive advantage for sellers.

European standard airbags and airbag blowers

Airbags need to get SGS certification

  • SGS standard for the airbags

SGS is the abbreviation of Société Générale de Surveillance SA, a multinational company founded in 1878, based in Switzerland. SGS has the main role of checking the quality and status of the businesses’ products whether those meet the health and safety standards have been set or not. SGS certification for airbags is considered as the basis for customers to trust the quality and safety of the product.

In addition, to make the airbags have the most efficient use, the airbag blower must also be qualified. Air blowers need international certification of quality, CE standard and RoHS standard recognized by the European Union.

  • Standards for the airbag blowers

CE standard pumps (Conformite Europeenne). Testing standards and product quality certification of countries in the Union of Europe (EU)

ROHS standard pumps – directives of the European Union limit the use of some dangerous substances in electrical and electronic equipment over the past decade. Regulations on limiting the use of six chemicals including lead, catmi, mercury and chromium chromium six, as well as fire -proof anti -fireproof bipheny (PBB) and polybrominated dipheny ete (PBDE).

The European standard air bag blower

Utility solutions for customers buying SKY PAK’s airbags

SKY PAK is a distribution agent of standard airbags which quality commitment is always a top priority.

  • Offering a full service package: quick and dedicated consultation, free samples, professional purchasing and delivery process
  • Instructions for use and advice on the size of the airbag in accordance with the needs of use
  • Competitive price, good discount according to purchase quantity
  • 1-to-1 replacement warranty for the airbags with poor quality

Hopefully, the information about the airbag lined in the carton that SKY PAK has synthesized, has given customers an overview of the product and is easily tailored to the needs of the business.

    • Size 1 pillow: 10x20cm, 15x20cm, 20x20cm and length 300m/roll.
    • Pack: 8 rolls/carton
    • Material: good-strength HDPE plastic.
    • Load capacity: Bearing load from cargo loads up to 40-70kg.
    • Certification: European CE standard for pumps, SGS-ROHS Test, MSDS…
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