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Features of the air column bag

 the air column bag
The air column bag

Cushion packaging always plays an important role in product transportation, from foam mattresses, pillow-shaped airbags, and cushions to column-type carton insert airbags. In today’s era, the issue of environmental protection is raised, the traditional cushioning materials are therefore replaced by bags with more environmentally friendly cushioned air columns. So, what are the new advantages of the carton cushioned air column bag compared to the traditional cushion packing material? Explore with us in the following article.

What is an air column bag?

The air column bag is made from HDPE, with a standard thickness of 50 mics. HDPE plastic is very durable plastic, it is resistant to natural corrosion such as water, rain, sun, and wind… This makes them a superior material for the production of air cushion bags. cargo lining. An air column bag can self-seal. Once inflated, the valves continuously seal each column independently of each other. If one column is broken, the other columns will still protect the buffer as usual.
Column airbags can be used to wrap around the product or they can be used as padding. Column airbag helps
Columnar carton packing air bags are often used to pack perishable items during transportation such as wine bottles, ceramics, glassware, ornamental pots, etc.

The preeminent features of the air column bag

The preeminent features of the air column bag
The preeminent features of the air column bag

First of all, in terms of packaging, products with other traditional packaging materials, the column-type carton insert airbag has a transparent appearance, which can visually display the product’s status to consumers.
Second, compared with traditional manual packaging with wrapping paper, the use of air-cushioned column bags saves much time and labor, and storage costs. Since the bag is in roll form, just use new to put the product in the bag then use the inflatable device to inflate. The inflating process only takes 5-10 minutes. Especially when the number of packaged products is higher, the advantages of air-cushioned airbags are more obvious. Column airbags save costs, time, and labor up to 1/2 compared to traditional packaging methods.
Third, for most businesses, the economy of packaging is also a major consideration, and padded air columns are cheaper compared to traditional foam packaging, which not only reflects the reflected in the cost of large-scale automated production but also the cost of buffering. Airbags in the form of air columns are used to save storage costs and transport losses.
Fourth, compared with conventional cushioning materials, column airbags have better pressure resistance. The air pressure inside the air columns is greater than the atmospheric pressure. It offers strong compressive strength and flexibility. Unlike conventional bursting foam panels, the columnar carton inserts are very stiff and are difficult or even impossible to break by hand.
Fifth, the air cushion design of the airbag structure of each air column is independent of each other, When external factors break a few air columns, it does not affect the remaining air columns and products much. This means that the safety performance of column-type airbags is reliable.
In addition, the column airbag products have achieved international certifications such as SGS certification, ensuring quality and safety for users.

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