What is an Inflatable Bubble Wrap? Structure of the air cushion bubble wraps

Inflatable Bubble Wrap is a new-age product of development in the packaging industry. It is a recyclable packaging material and gradually replaces shredded paper, styrofoam, and other packaging materials. Airbags can be divided into air column bags, air pillow bags, and air cushion bubble wrap. Air cushion bubble wraps are commonly used in the form of small air bubbles. They are used to pack or cushion products placed in cartons. In this article, let’s learn the details of the padded carton insert airbag.

What is an Inflatable Bubble Wrap? Structure of the air cushion bubble wraps

What is an Inflatable Bubble Wrap?

 Inflatable Bubble Wrap

Air cushion bubble wraps are quite similar to bubble film but the air bubbles are larger. Used to wrap products or can be used to line the bottom and top of the carton. Inflatable Bubble wraps are often used when there is little space left. Cushion Inflatable Bubble Wrap is one of the most popular protective packaging solutions available today. Using a well-packed padded airbag is a convenient and extremely effective way to protect fragile items during transport and storage thanks to its soft padding. Padded bags are a highly versatile material, designed to protect everything from small, light items too large, fragile products.

Our standard padded cargo bags are ideal for protecting light to medium-sized products. Carton inserts are also perfect for protecting electronic products, as they will not generate an electrostatic charge.

Structure of the Inflatable Bubble Wrap

The air cushion bubble wrap is made of HDPE and contains many evenly spaced bubble wraps, about 20 microns thick. These Inflatable Bubble Wrap then act as a soft cushion that absorbs movements during travel. Helps prevent damage to any product encased in an airbag.
Once the air bubble has been blown into the membrane, it will be sealed with a second layer of film. This keeps the air inside the bubble wrap and ensures the air bubbles are contained. In between the air cushions, there is also an easy line, making it easy to separate the mattresses from each other. Due to their lightweight nature, the cushion airbag can be moved from one place to another without any problems.

Inflatable Bubble Wrap

Some frequently asked questions about the air cushion bubble wraps.

Is air cushion bubble wraps good insulators?

Inflatable Bubble wraps are not only perfect for protecting items, but this bubble wrap is also a good insulator. Air in a confined space tends to resist temperature changes as air molecules move around, making energy transfer more difficult. Because it’s a great idea to use a padded airbag to stow electronic items.

Can the padded carton insert airbag be recycled?

A cushion airbag is an eco-friendly product that is completely recyclable. However, after being reused many times, the airbag may collapse.

Will the cushioned carton insert airbag break?

Cushion-type Inflatable Bubble wraps are made from quality plastic materials, so they are quite durable. They have a large bearing capacity with loads up to 40-70kg. They are not easily detonated by hand like conventional blasting foam sheets, except in case of a collision with sharp iron objects.
If you manufacture products or store or protect goods in transit, padded carton inserts are a great, eco-friendly packaging solution.

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