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Shockproof air column: Effective solution for packaging fragile glass items

A shockproof air column is an industrial product made from HDPE that is used to pack and cushion goods to protect the use value of goods during transportation and delivery of products. Products inside the carton may be greatly disturbed during transportation. Therefore, when packing goods, you need to clearly understand the characteristics of the goods to be packed, especially products with fragile structures such as glass bottles, and ceramics…In the article, we’ll guide you through packing fragile glass with a shockproof air column.

Fragile items can be packed with the shockproof air column

Fragile items can be packed with the shockproof air column

Fragile items are generally considered to be products or belongings that are likely to break during transit without any preventive packaging procedures. Fragile items may include:

  • Kitchen utensils: Bowls, cups, porcelain vases, glass
  • Expensive decorations: trophy, statue, quartz stone, Van bone tower,…
  • Fine art ceramics, items for display or use in the living room: teapots, dishes, flowerpots, ceramic tea sets…
  • Electronic items with fragile screens: TVs, computers.
  • Other items: wine bottles, light bulbs, musical instruments…

Instructions for packing fragile goods in cartons with the shockproof air column

Once you have your supplies ready, follow the steps below to pack your fragile items safely and securely:

  • Secure the bottom of your carton by gluing all the corners of the carton.
  • Make a cushion base by lining the inside of the carton with the shockproof air column.
Lining a layer of shockproof air column as a cushion base
Lining a layer of shockproof air column as a cushion base
  • Wrap each product in glass bottles, and porcelain vases… with a gas column. Add column airbags around thin areas, such as the stem of a wine glass or the handle of a cup.
Surround each product with a shockproof air column
Surround each product with a shockproof air column
  • Carefully place the wrapped items in the carton, starting with the heaviest items at the bottom and the lightest at the top. Not only does this keep the smaller bottles from breaking. Plus it will help balance the center of gravity of the barrel. Note that the goods should be sorted before placing them in the box. Products of the same type or size can be grouped together to easily organize them and fill in the empty space of the crate.
  • After the items have been properly wrapped and placed inside the carton. Then fill any inflatable bubble wrap or inflatable pillow bag case depending on how large or small the space is, to prevent fragile objects from moving around. It is possible to add a layer on top before sealing the carton. Before sealing the carton, shake it gently to see if the objects are still moving around. If still unsure, feel free to add extra padding until the crate is in place.
Add shockproof air column cushion for fixation.
Add shockproof air column cushion for fixation.
  • Finally, seal the box with tape Before attaching a shipping label to this and sending it off, it’s important to note that this is “fragile” to ensure the courier is handling the parcel properly throughout its journey.

By packing fragile items according to the instructions above, no matter what the item is, and how long it takes to ship, you can rest assured that nothing will be damaged in transit. Packing fragile items can be a snap in no time, as long as you know how to choose the right lining material and know the right ways to pack these items.

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