Instructions for using Inflatable Pillow Bags for cosmetic products

The inflatable pillow bags are favored by many manufacturers, retailers, and cosmetic shop owners, because of their convenience and safety. Airbags are used to pack goods in cartons to keep products safe from external and internal influences that affect product quality. In this article, we will show you how to most effectively use pillow liners in cosmetic liners. Continue reading our article for more details!

Packaging of cosmetic products

Cosmetics are items related to the aesthetic and health issues of consumers. Therefore, before reaching the consumer, the product must meet the standards in both form and quality. Therefore, the packaging is extremely important. In terms of form, shop owners should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Product categories

Cosmetic products can be divided into many categories such as goods preserved in fragile glass bottles (serum, perfume…), goods that are easily damaged by temperature, and normal goods. Depending on the type of cosmetic, choose the appropriate arrangement and size of the lining material.

  • Group of products of the same size and material

Combine products of the same material or size to pack them evenly, thereby increasing the aesthetics of the package.

  • Packaging cosmetics with materials that ensure convenience

inflatable pillow bags

Most of the dunnage products on the market will ensure the safety of the goods. But you should also enhance the customer experience by using good quality, easy-to-use, and beautiful dunnage packaging. Cosmeceutical dunnage packaging must be finished according to the product’s performance characteristics and conditions for transportation. The best method of online protection is to fill the space with inflatable pillow bags between cosmetic items. The pillow-type airbag is impact resistant and can withstand high pressure. Airbags made from HDPE plastic have good elasticity, it is difficult to break and explode with normal hand force. Bags come in different sizes and specifications, so they can be used to provide up to 360 degrees of protection for the product.

Instructions on how to pack cosmetics with inflatable pillow bags

Cosmetic products can be packed into cartons according to the following process:

Step 1: Inflate the inflatable pillow bags

Inflate the inflatable pillow bags

Before packing cosmetic products with airbags, the first step is to blow up the inflatable pillow bags using a dedicated air blower. Depending on the number of products and the size, decide the number of airbags to be inflated.

Step 2: Use inflatable pillow bags to fill the space in the carton

Use inflatable pillow bags to fill the space in the carton

Put cosmetic items into cartons of suitable size. Note, for the best packaging effect, you can use additionally padded or column-type airbags to surround the products, before placing them directly in the carton. Next, use inflatable pillow bags, which are inserted between the gaps around the product to create a second layer of protection. You should also choose cartons that can withstand good forces so that the goods are not dented during transportation.

Step 3: Seal the carton and paste the recipient’s information.

The last step is also an extremely important step when the package is to paste the recipient’s information on the box. The information includes the sender’s name, recipient’s name, product name, phone number, and recipient’s address. In particular, the characteristics of the goods should be noted. Based on that, the shipping unit can capture information about the nature of the goods and pay more attention during the handling of the goods.
Above is the entire process of packing cosmetic goods with inflatable pillow bags. Hopefully, the above information will be useful to customers when choosing materials and product packaging.

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