What is EPAL Pallets? What outstanding benefits do they have?

Euro pallets, also known as EPAL pallets are essential transportation for much of the logistics sector. There are about 450 to 500 million of these pallets in circulation every day. Pallets are sturdy, reliable, repairable, and available in the quantities you require. In this article, let’s learn about EPAL-certified wooden pallets and their outstanding benefits.

What are EPAL Pallets?

 EPAL Pallets
What are EPAL Pallets?

EPAL pallet (also known as Euro Pallet) is one of 6 types of pallets recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) worldwide. EPAL certification is issued by the European Pallet Association. Euro pallets offer a hygienic and eco-friendly solution for transporting your goods as they are accurately tracked and monitored.

Euro pallets are the most commonly used pallets throughout Europe, they are 1200mm x 800mm in size. These Pallets have an interesting history, they appeared in the 1960s after being developed by the combined railways of European Countries; Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands). The International Railway Union has mandated the need for a common standard pallet. This is necessary to optimize the loading and unloading of the carriages. That’s why Euro Pallet was born and has been popularly used since then. Due to its effectiveness, the use of Euro Standard Pallets spread further throughout Europe and then globally from North America to Central Asia.

What are the outstanding benefits of EPAL pallets?

EPAL pallets
Benefits of EPAL pallets

High Quality

Each European standard EPAL pallet is manufactured with excellent quality. This makes it possible for a pallet to be used to withstand heavy loads, acting as a strong packing and lifting product for any goods. With their lightweight construction, they can be handled easily but can hold a variety of weights. EPAL pallets are sturdy and built for optimum weather resistance. The material is also safer to work with as it is not prone to chipping or injuring workers with extra pieces of wood or sharp nails.

In addition, EPAL pallets are handled according to ISPM15 standards. Therefore, they are suitable for transporting goods to countries outside the European Union and the most demanding markets. Thanks to this treatment, pallets are also suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Especially for customs control purposes, the export of goods on pallets will require a certificate of compliance with the ISPM15 directive.

Easy to handle and transport

The design of the EPAL pallet makes it exceptionally easy to use. Thanks to 4 entrances, pallets can be accessed from all sides by virtually all types of forklifts and pallet carts for optimal loading convenience. The size of the Euro Pallet has even led to the standardization of the interior dimensions of the truck.

Euro Pallet as a sustainable solution

Standard EPAL pallets 1200x800x144 mm contribute to environmental protection and especially to the circular economy. Raw materials are required to manufacture the wood for these pallets. Because wood can be repaired and recycled, so can pallets. By repairing and reusing pallets, you not only save costs but also help reduce waste in the environment and avoid wasting resources.

Finally, authentic quality-controlled and inspected EPAL pallets include a number-based labeling system, providing consumers with a simple method to distinguish genuine from counterfeit and determine whether the EPAL pallets are manufactured by a registered business. In European countries, companies found manufacturing counterfeit EPAL pallets or even transporting products on fraudulent EPAL pallets will face severe civil and criminal penalties.

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