Safely transport wine with a shockproof bubble film air

shockproof bubble film air
Shockproof bubble film air protects the wine

Because the wine bottle is a glass container, which is fragile, it needs 360-degree comprehensive protection. At the same time, wine is a high-end, high-value product. Using traditional styrofoam, shredded paper, or cloth as low-cost, low-quality packaging materials not only does not guarantee the safety of the wine bottle but also reduces the image value of the wine brand. In order to meet the needs of fast packaging but still ensure the quality of wine, a better packing and packing material is needed, which is a shockproof bubble film air.

Demand for wine in Vietnam

shockproof bubble film air
Demand for wine in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the countries with the leading alcohol consumption market in the world. Over the past 10 years, the economy has been growing, the living standards of Vietnamese people have increased, and they have turned their attention to a high-class Western drink which is gold wine. So wine brands are growing fast and getting stronger. Because of this, many business owners are willing to cut the process short to make a profit, leading to the situation that there are still products that have not been properly handled according to the technical process to ensure safety when delivered to customers.

Many wine merchants want to keep up with the rapid growth of e-commerce, but glass wine bottles are too fragile. In many cases, 30% of the wine goes bad when it reaches the consumer via courier. The consumer refuses to receive the goods, and ultimately, the seller pays for these damages. This situation is largely due to the fact that the business owners did not choose the right packaging materials, and did not even use packaging materials to save space, which greatly increased the failure rate.

What feature of the shockproof bubble film air helps to protect the wine bottle?

 shockproof bubble film air
What feature of the shockproof bubble film air helps to protect the wine bottle?

Shockproof bubble film air is a type of packaging designed to protect and preserve the quality of wine during transportation. The following are some typical features of a shockproof bubble film air that ensures the safe transportation of alcohol:

Material: Usually made of multi-layer HDPE plastic, flexible and extremely strong, can resist the corrosion of natural factors such as rain, wind, and ultraviolet rays…

Design: The internal air columns are designed as columns to cushion and protect the wine bottle from impact during transport.

Controlled air intake: Equipped with a one-way valve that makes it easy to inflate and deflate, allowing you to customize the air pressure to best protect the bottle.

Reusable and recyclable: shockproof bubble film airs are often reusable and recyclable, making the air column an eco-friendly option for wine packaging.

Lightweight: The lightweight design reduces shipping costs and reduces carbon emissions during the transportation of alcohol.

In addition, the shockproof wine column has the characteristics of a clear, clean surface, small storage space, simple operation, heat preservation, and waterproofing. Therefore, if business owners want to close the bald but still show their wine bottles, using a shockproof bubble film air is the best choice.

Hopefully, the above sharing can help customers in choosing an airbag to protect fragile glass bottles such as wine. To learn more about SKYPAK’s shockproof bubble film air as well as watch specific instruction videos here.

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