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How does the Shockproof airbag protect cosmetics?

Shockproof airbag to protect cosmetics
Shockproof airbag to protect cosmetics

The development of the Internet has promoted the trend of online shopping. More and more people are choosing to buy cosmetics online. Online shopping is not only convenient and fast but also saves time. However, cosmetics are basically fragile products, so cosmetics need to be well protected during transportation to avoid damage during transportation. Many businesses choose shockproof airbags as a cushion packaging material to protect cosmetics, so do airbags really protect cosmetics effectively?

Challenges in the protection of cosmetic goods?

Today’s cosmetic industry often uses crystal or some glass jars for packaging, so these products have very high requirements for packaging and transportation. Cosmetics come in both liquid and solid forms, as well as containers ranging from plastic to glass. Depending on the type of cosmetic and cosmetic container, some products become more difficult to transport than others. Because most cosmetics are expensive items and because cosmetic packaging materials are extremely fragile, whether it’s makeup (e.g. powder) or serum bottles. Some makeup products even come with small, delicate pieces like applicators that can break easily. Therefore, packaging materials for cosmetic products become extremely important.

How good is the shockproof airbag to protect cosmetics?

Shockproof airbag protects perfume
Shockproof airbag protects perfume

Many people are starting to use airbags for cosmetic packaging, as airbags can be wrapped more securely. Especially for smaller cosmetic lines, air cushion bags can better demonstrate the advantage of being lightweight and not taking up too much space. In addition, air bubble wrap can also significantly reduce storage costs. The air bubble film is stored in roll material during storage, and a piece of unstretched air bubble film is only the thickness of two sheets of A4 paper.

The air cushion bag uses air to inflate 2 pieces of PE film to form an airbag to protect the product. PE material is non-toxic and recyclable material, and will not adversely affect cosmetics. This type of padded bag is designed to withstand the jostling and rough handling of a package as it passes through multiple carriers before reaching the customer.

Furthermore, since the bag is protected by air, a break in one part will not affect the overall protective effect. Therefore, the shockproof air cushion bag can effectively protect cosmetics from damage during transportation.

In addition, the shockproof airbag also has the advantages of being moisture-proof, heat-insulating, and protecting heat-sensitive liquids from external temperature changes. Transfer centers and delivery vans often don’t have temperature controls in their vehicles, so using dunnage airbags on the outside of the product can also help protect the product from extreme heat or cold.

Knowing how to safely pack perfumes and makeup is an important part of running a successful cosmetics or perfumery business. Delivering your products in pristine condition builds trust and builds a loyal customer base.

If you have any questions or need any other information about the shockproof airbag, you can immediately contact SKYPAK for answers or watch the detailed instruction video here!

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