Factors affecting the price of custom wooden pallets

Wooden pallets have long been considered one of the most popular, popular options for shipping, packaging, and storage. Currently, to meet the needs of each good and individual transportation requirements, many businesses decide to use custom wooden pallets. What makes them stand out and what is the price of custom wood pallets determined by? Let’s find out in the following article.

Highlights of custom wooden pallets

 custom wooden pallets
Highlights of custom wooden pallets

Custom wooden pallets are tailored to resist wear and tear and keep goods safe.

Wooden pallets are one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to packaging. The materials are available worldwide so they don’t have to be manufactured elsewhere and then imported, which of course eliminates some of the unnecessary costs.

Fast production, saves time.

Custom designed according to requirements, ensuring suitable for the shape and weight of goods to be stored and transported.

The price of custom wooden pallets is not too different from standard wooden pallets

Factors affecting the price of custom wooden pallets

 custom wooden pallets
Factors affecting the price of custom wooden pallets
  • The most important factor in most wooden pallets is the type of wood the pallet is made of. Businesses that require pallets manufactured from new pine will have a higher price than melaleuca and acacia wood pallets. Especially wooden pallets imported from European countries, the price will also be higher than wood grown in Vietnam. You may want to save money by ordering from lower-value pallets, but they may not last as long. This affects the long-term benefit of your investment.
  • The number of pallets to order on demand is the 2nd most important factor affecting the price of custom wooden pallets. Businesses that order pallets in larger quantities will receive a higher discount. Thus, overall cost savings are achieved.
  • The third factor that affects the price of custom wooden pallets is the requirements of the business: The higher the level of complexity the business requires in the pallet, the higher the price of the custom pallet will increase.
  • Pallet certifications are equally important in determining custom pallet prices. The price of custom wood pallets that are heat or chemically treated to meet IPPC‘s ISPM-15 standard will be higher than regular custom pallets. Besides, for EPAL certifications to be exported to foreign countries, it takes a lot of cost and time to carry out the tests, so the cost of EPAL standard pallets will be quite high.
  • Finally, the pallet manufacturer. Depending on the size and reputation, each supplier may have different custom pallet prices.

Capturing costs is always a problem that businesses have to worry about. Sometimes you have to spend a little more to get more in return. However, it is also necessary to consider the budget of the business, choose the right type of pallet, and ensure the quality of the operation. Overall, the difference between a custom pallet and a standard pallet is not much different and costs can be minimized with the savings realized when you don’t waste space. Thanks to custom wooden pallets you can save on shipping costs, make better use of your warehouse space, and reduce the need for additional pallets. This is your chance to control costs.

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