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Pros and cons of oxygen absorber packages

Advantages and disadvantages of oxygen absorber packages
Pros and cons of oxygen absorber packages

Oxygen absorber wrapping is a technology widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to protect food from damage caused by oxidation. Oxygen absorbers are extremely useful in absorbing residual oxygen in food packaging, but there are also some minor drawbacks. Follow our article below to learn more about the Pros and cons of oxygen absorber packages.

Pros and cons of oxygen absorber packages

Advantages of oxygen absorber pack

Pros and cons of oxygen absorber packages
Benefits of oxygen absorber pack

One of the outstanding advantages of the oxygen absorber pack is that the oxygen absorber pack can quickly and effectively absorb the oxygen in the packaging.

The oxygen absorber pack is 8 times more likely to absorb oxygen than just the pack, is anti-oil, and is extremely good at absorbing moisture.

Keep freshness: An oxygen absorber pack can help keep food and food fresh for a long time.

Aesthetics: Oxygen absorbers can also help you keep your food fresh, even though it doesn’t need to go through any bacterial treatment.

Keeping safe: The oxygen absorber pack has no side effects and does not contain carcinogens, helping to keep food safe. Prevents damage caused by air, and mold. Extend the shelf life of the product.

Much more convenient and cost-effective than other oxygen extraction methods such as vacuum suction, and inert pump…

With the above advantages, the oxygen absorber package is a very useful technology for the food and pharmaceutical industry. It helps protect your food from oxidation and preserves its freshness, aesthetics, and food safety.

Disadvantages of oxygen absorber package

Pros and cons of oxygen absorber packages
Disadvantages of oxygen absorber package

For products with small capacity, the oxygen absorber pack is an extremely effective solution to preserve products, meeting both criteria of product safety and cost savings, so there are almost no significant disadvantages compared to the needs of consumers. However, for manufacturing enterprises, there are some points to pay attention to optimize use efficiency:

Oxygen absorbers are stored in vacuum bags with quantities ranging from a few dozen to hundreds of small packages. The product will promote the effect of absorbing oxygen as soon as the large package is opened. Therefore, it is necessary to manipulate the oxygen absorber package into the product packaging quickly within 1 hour to avoid product quality loss.

Oxygen absorber packages are easy to heat when stacked, causing product quality to be reduced. Therefore, after opening the bag, it is necessary to spread the amount of oxygen absorber package to the surface of the plastic tray or a clean dry place.

In particular, when not using all the oxygen absorber packets, it is necessary to use a vacuum machine to preserve the product.

The extensive production capacity compared to the pack capacity will reduce the effectiveness of the oxygen absorber pack.

Although there are some disadvantages, however, all of the above disadvantages can be overcome. With the ability to absorb oxygen 2-3 times more than a normal oxygen absorber package. Oxygen absorber packs will be a great alternative to traditional food and pharmaceutical preservation products.

Above are our shares about the pros and cons of oxygen absorber packages, to learn more about the SKYPAK oxygen absorption package as well as watch the specific instruction video here.

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