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Outstanding features of the oxy absorber pack

One of the most commonly used products in the food packaging industry today, is impossible not to mention the ohunter oxy absorber pack. It is a product line that protects packaged foods in sealed containers from oxidation and spoilage organisms, including mold. It helps keep food fresh and delicious. Join us to learn about the outstanding features of the oxy absorber pack in the following article.

Why use an oxy absorber pack in food packaging?

Oxy absorber pack
Oxy absorber pack

Oxygen and moisture are two factors that destroy the value of dry food, pharmaceuticals, and some other products. These elements have a detrimental effect on the color, taste, vitamin, and fat content of preserved foods. Oxygen will enhance the growth of insects, bacteria, mold, and yeast in food, speeding up spoilage. Oxygen absorber packs help remove oxygen from food, protect against spoilage and prevent bacteria growth. In addition, an oxygen absorber pack is inserted inside the package to help remove any residual moisture. During freeze-drying or dehydration, much of the moisture that causes mold or spoilage is removed. The oxygen absorber pack will help minimize any moisture remaining after the food is packaged.

This oxygen absorber pack is safe to use in food packaging. The use of oxygen absorber packaging products can ensure that food is fresh and ideal for long-term preservation. They are perfect for preventing mold growth. The use of these oxygen absorbers is more beneficial than other oxygen removal methods, it is not only safe but also inexpensive. Oxygen absorber packs remove oxygen more efficiently than vacuum packs because they remove only oxygen, not all of the air.

Features of the oxy absorber pack

Oxy absorber pack
Oxy absorber pack

The main ingredients of the oxygen absorber pack are iron powder, activated carbon, sodium salt, and diatomaceous earth. Oxygen packs come in various sizes and are measured in cc, from 15cc to 500cc. They are safe and non-toxic to use. They work as soon as the bag is opened and can only be used once, so they need to be used as soon as they are opened. They are guaranteed to be a safe and long-lasting packaging solution for food and other food-related products.

Keep oxygen absorber exposure to a minimum, otherwise frequent exposure will cause all oxygen absorbers to be activated. For the oxygen absorber pack to be effective, use the oxygen absorber pack of the appropriate capacity for the food packaging.

Oxygen absorbers are commonly used for foods that easily go rancid, such as nuts and snacks, whole-fat dry foods, processed meats, dairy products, seasonings, and condiments. , and flour products. They are also used for other foods such as pet food, cakes, confectionery, coffee, tea, dried fruits, and vegetables.

Oxygen absorber packs are beneficial products nowadays. They ensure that food and other food-related products are safe to consume. They do not change the taste, color, or texture of the goods. They even enhance the quality of the product. That is why oxygen absorber packs are widely used by many food manufacturers today.

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