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Notes when using ohunter oxygen absorber pack

Oxygen Absorber Pack
Oxygen Absorber Pack

Auxiliary technology for preservation has developed strongly, helping to classify preservation products. Previously, most businesses only used desiccant packs in preservation. However, this is quite inconvenient because there are some specific products that cannot absorb moisture. Or some other products that only absorb moisture are not enough for safe storage. Therefore, with its suitability, the oxygen absorber package is increasingly being used and replaces the desiccant package. In this article, we will present some notes when using the best oxygen absorber package.

What are the oxygen absorbers used for?

Currently, oxygen absorber packages are being used a lot in items such as:

  • Moon cake
  • Pia cake
  • Drying fruits
  • Fried rice
  • Roasted cashews
  • Roasted peanuts (groundnut)…
  • Preserving dried fruit for export

In addition, they are also used in the preservation of pharmaceuticals in the medical industry.

Oxygen absorber pack can be used for pharmaceutical preservation

Note when using an oxygen absorber pack

To use the most effective oxygen absorber package, we have a few notes:

  • For businesses to use to preserve products

With the ability to absorb oxygen 8 times its capacity, and strong dehumidification, when using the Ohunter oxygen absorber pack, it is not recommended to leave the suction pack in contact with the air for a long time without using it. This will cause the suction pack to absorb oxygen and moisture from the environment, reducing its ability to deoxygenate and dehumidify. Each product package is vacuum sealed. When opening the pack, only leave it for a maximum of 40 minutes, if not used, it must be packed and sealed.

Select the capacity of the suction pack in accordance with the volume of the product.

For products without oil, grease, or high fineness. For example, moon cakes, Pia cakes, and agricultural products containing oil, flour… should use anti-oil oxygen absorber packages. The rest of the products can use the normal oxygen absorber package.

  • For consumers

If you see that there is an oxygen absorber in cakes, candies, bags of dried fruit, nutritious cereals, etc., you should pay attention to ensure safety for yourself and your family:

Do not cut out to see, avoid getting the substances contained in the package to splash into the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Absolutely do not eat.

Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Children are often curious and can open the package to see. Ideally, dispose of the trash in the same container as the product.

Although the composition of the Ohunter oxygen absorber pack is non-toxic. But if you accidentally eat it, or get shot in your eyes, nose, or mouth.. go to a doctor right away.

Readers can watch more detailed instruction videos here

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