Should I use an anti-oil oxygen absorber or a normal oxygen absorber?

Anti-oil oxygen absorber pack
Anti-oil oxygen absorber pack

Even non-perishable things like beans will eventually spoil if exposed to oxygen. If you want to store food for a long time, especially products that contain a lot of oil such as moon cakes, pia cakes, cashews, spiced anchovies, etc., you will have to protect them from oxygen. Fortunately, there is a solution that is both cheap and easy to use: oxygen suction packs. However, should I use an anti-oil oxygen absorber or a normal oxygen absorber? Let’s find the answer in the following article.

What are the benefits of oxygen absorber packs?

Oxygen absorbers are small packets containing iron powder, activated carbon, sodium salts, and diatomaceous earth. When you put the oxygen absorber in the package, the oxygen molecules are reduced. An oxygen absorber pack can reduce the amount of oxygen in the package to the lowest level.

With the deoxidizing effect, the oxygen absorber pack ensures:

  • Keep food from being degraded, damaged by oxidation
  • Prevents mold and bacteria from growing on food (mold and most bacteria need oxygen to grow)
  • In addition to deoxidizing, the oxygen absorber pack also absorbs moisture, helping to keep the delicious and fresh taste of the product
  • Prevent vitamins from being destroyed by oxidation

Thereby, helping businesses save costs due to flood damage, prolong the use time, and increase the reputation of the brand in the hearts of consumers.

Should I use an anti-oil oxygen absorber or a normal oxygen absorber?

anti-oil oxygen absorber
Ohunter anti-oil oxygen absorber pack

Both normal and anti-oil oxygen absorbers are composed of the main ingredients: iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, and sodium salt. Its main use is to absorb oxygen and dehumidify, protect the product from bacteria, and mold, and prolong the product’s shelf life. However, in the market, most businesses and consumers prefer to use anti-oil packages because of their outstanding features:

Oil-resistant oxygen absorber pack has 8 times higher oxygen absorption capacity than just the pack, 2-3 times higher than an ordinary oxygen absorber pack.
anti-oil oxygen absorber pack is designed with 3 layers. With 3 layers of impact-resistant PET outer shell, high-quality paper in the middle, and PE inner layer. Which, the middle layer of paper is a high-grade oil-resistant paper that is quite thick, of higher quality, and still allows oxygen to pass easily, but does not cause oil blockage. This product line is often used for food because most foods contain oil.
The product is both oil-resistant and prevents oxidation in food
Extremely good hygroscopicity, suitable for preserving food, keeping the fresh taste of dishes
Increase product shelf life, and help businesses save raw material costs.
The Ohunter brand’s oil-resistant oxygen absorber product line is researched and manufactured with Singapore technology lines, extremely safe to preserve agricultural products, food and pharmaceuticals because this product has achieved certifications on Quality: SGS TEST of Singapore, ISO standard, MSDS, Vietnam food safety announcement. In addition, the ohunter oxygen absorber pack also has FDA certification (issued by the US Food and Drug Administration). This is an important certification of quality control for the oil-resistant oxygen absorber package, which means that the product can be exported to most of the most demanding markets.

Readers can watch more detailed instruction videos here

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