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How does the oxygen absorber pack help preserve food?

oxygen absorber
Oxygen absorber pack

The preservation of packaged foods against oxidative degradation is essential to improve food shelf life, enhance food safety, and increase customer confidence and peace of mind. product use. That’s why in the packaging of confectionery, and food, food … it is easy to find deoxidation packages. Find out why food preservation requires an oxygen absorber pack and how oxygen absorber packs preserve food. Stay tuned for the next post.

What problems will the food have without The oxygen absorber pack?

Food is moldy
Food is moldy

When packaging food products with a lot of oxygen inside, there will be two problems. First, the food is oxidized, which is a common problem in food today. Oxidation is a natural process in which organic compounds in food are broken down in the presence of oxygen. When food is oxidized, many nutrients are lost and can have adverse health consequences. One of the main causes of oxidation is sunlight. When sunlight comes into contact with food, it causes the decomposition of organic compounds in food. In addition, other substances such as acids, sugars, salts, and other preservatives can also cause oxidation.

The second problem, the oxygen that exists in the air will feed aerobic bacteria, this bacteria growing in the food environment will cause spoilage and mold for food.

Therefore, to avoid oxidizing food, consumers need to pay attention to food preservation measures. Please always store food in a dry environment, away from sunlight. In addition, it is necessary to choose suitable food preservation products.

How does the oxygen absorber pack preserve food?

oxygen absorber package for food preservation

The oxygen absorber pack is a useful tool for food preservation. The main ingredient of The oxygen absorber pack is iron powder, when the deoxidizer pack is put into the food packaging, the iron powder will react with oxygen to form iron oxide, thereby, eliminating all the oxygen contained in the food packaging. Eliminates the preferred food source of aerobic bacteria, which is oxygen, and prevents the growth of food-damaging aerobic bacteria. Helps keep food fresh and safe for users.

Besides, not only helps to remove oxygen, but the deoxidizer package also has the function of dehumidifying, reducing the humidity in the food storage environment to the lowest level. Prevents mold and harmful microorganisms from growing. For oil-rich products, the deoxidizer pack can prevent oil and prevent oil odor during the warranty and prolong the shelf life of food. As a result, The oxygen absorber pack can keep the color, taste, and quality of the food and ensure the safety of the user.

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