What is acacia wood pallet? Features of Acacia wood pallet

Acacia wood pallet
Acacia wood pallet

Wooden pallets are an effective and indispensable support tool for any storage and transportation industry. Wooden pallets are widespread in many industries because they are a cost-effective solution, recyclable, reusable, and easily repaired if damaged. Pallets can be made from many different types of wood. However, using wood from trees with a rapid and continuous growth rate is an ever more attractive option. Previously, acacia wood was only known as a source of raw materials in paper production. Nowadays, they have been applied more widely and become one of the main materials to create wooden pallets. To learn more about the characteristics and applications of this acacia wood pallet, continue reading the following article.

What is an acacia wood pallet?

Pallets made from acacia wood
Pallets made from acacia wood

Acacia wood pallet is a type of pallet that is cut and assembled from acacia tree trunks. This straight tree is relatively easy to grow even in areas with harsh weather and poor nutrition. Therefore, they develop in Vietnam and countries with tropical climates such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Acacia wood pallets in Vietnam are mainly produced from the wood of the Acacia tree. With heat resistance and quick growth time, acacia wood can be harvested after five years of cultivation. Therefore, they can provide a large number of wood materials all year round for production. The evidence is that acacia wood pallets account for about 90% of the proportion of wooden pallets on the market today. In addition, in Vietnam, acacia is also encouraged by the government to plant to green the barren hills.

Features of Acacia wood pallets

Features of pallets made from acacia wood
Features of pallets made from acacia wood
  • Availability: Acacia is grown all year round with a rapid growth rate, so the supply of raw materials for pallet production is always abundant and continuous.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle: Acacia wood is quite light and very easy to cut and process.
  • Common size of acacia wood pallet (length x width x height): 800x1200x150/140mm; 1100x1100x150/140mm and 1000x1200x150/140mm. Users can also order as required to match the size of the goods.
  • A cheaper price: Although acacia wood pallets aren’t bright white color and have outstanding smoothness like pine wood pallets, in terms of lifting and transporting goods, acacia wood pallets are used well in the country and neighboring areas. It is a cheaper price than pine wood pallets.
  • Good load-carrying capacity: With a solid structure, pallets made from acacia wood can withstand cargo loads up to 1.5 tons. Compared to other wooden pallets in the same segment in the country, acacia wood pallets are highly appreciated for their quality.
  • Anti-termite, moldy: Acacia wood pallet has the property of quick moisture drainage, thus helping to reduce the cost of drying and storage. It also helps to resist termites or mold in a short time.
  • Acacia wood pallets are disinfected according to ISPM-15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15) and can be exported to foreign countries. However, for the European market and countries with strict standards, EPAL-certified pine wood pallets should be preferred.

Types of acacia wood pallets

Similar to pine wood pallets, pallets made from acacia wood also have two main types: two lifting directions and four lifting directions.

  • Two-way wood pallet: can be used with a Forklift truck to lift and lower in two directions: front and rear.
  • Four-way wood pallet: Forklift trucks can be used to lift and lower four ways: front and rear, left and right.

Above are all of SKYPAK’s shares about acacia wood pallets. Hope the above information will be useful to you in the process of choosing the right pallet for your business.

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