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Factors affecting the expiry date of column airbags

Currently, there are more and more familiar people, who understand and use inflatable packaging materials, many of them like to use column airbags, air columns are not just clean, and neat but also neat. Outstanding protection, compared to other packaging materials, the airbag is also more environmentally friendly. However, many people are afraid to use the airbag because there is still a question about the life of the column airbags how long? In the day article, we will answer specifically.

 column airbags
Factors affecting the expiry date of column airbags

What are the conditions for determining the life of the column airbags?

column airbags
What are the conditions for determining the life of the air column?

Raw materials for producing air columns

The raw materials for producing air cushioning columns are mainly HDPE plastic. This material is known to have extremely good durability, no environmental pollution, and is recyclable. If recycling is the premise, air pockets can be reused before leaking.


Normally, the air cushion column is used a lot and achieved the best protection effect when packing products with smooth surfaces such as bottles of wine, glass bottles, and ceramics … but basically, they are still bags The plastic is pumped with gas, which can be pierced by sharp objects. Therefore, if using air columns to insert products with sharp edges such as knives, scissors, nails, etc., without getting careful, it will reduce the efficiency of inserting, while reducing the life of the column airbag.


If you are pumping the air pole, if the pump is too full, it will reduce the life of the air cushion, just like a person who cannot eat too much will affect health. The excessive inflatable will relax the material membrane of the air pole, which can cause stretch somewhere and cause damage to the airbag. If the pump is too little, it can directly cause collisions for the product when affected by external forces.

In normal cases, the airbags are used as accessories to protect the product from external factors. Therefore, after receiving the product sent by the seller, airbags are often thrown away by customers. However, in reality, the pumped air pump can still be re-used and achieve a good effect, so if customers need cushions, they can still use the air column bag.

How to extend the shelf life of the column airbags?

column airbags
How to extend the shelf life of the column airbags?

It should also be paid to the preservation of air column bags, otherwise, it may reduce the ability of the airbag to the cushion. When preserving the air pole in the normal warehouse environment, it is best to put it in a carton or box, placed it in a shady place, and avoid direct sunlight, because the temperature increases will cause the molecular decomposition process of the object Whether the airbag is faster. The most important point is that the resistance to shock, compression, and protection of the airbag will decrease

When packing goods, the air pole should be placed on a smooth surface, avoiding collisions with sharp tools such as blades or nails during the use of air columns.

Therefore, when using and preserving air pockets, they should pay attention to these points, avoiding the wrong operation to reduce the life of the airbag.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped customers know how to extend the shelf life of column airbags. To understand more about SkyPak’s air cushion column, you can watch the specific user manual video here.

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