Difference between 2-way pallets and 4-way pallets

Making the right choice for your wood pallet needs is critical to every aspect of your supply chain. Deciding between 2-way pallets or 4-way pallets is an important decision. The first step to making the right pallet choice for your organization is to understand the difference between these two pallet options.

Basic information about 2-way pallets and 4-way pallets

Both 2-way pallets and 4-way pallets have some things in common. Here is some pallet information about both types of pallets:

  • Materials are mostly wood, although they are also available in plastic. Wooden pallets, whether 2-way pallets or 4-way pallets, can be heat treated, left untouched, or packed with recycled wood.
  • They vary in standard or custom sizes. Standardized pallet sizes to ensure that service is not interrupted in the supply chain.
  • Space fork entrance. Fork entry space is created for the forklift to easily enter the pallet for lifting purposes.

The difference between 2-way pallets and 4-way pallets

2-way pallets
2-way pallets and 4-way pallets

There are a few key differences between 2-way pallets and 4-way pallets below that can help you decide which model is right for your supply chain needs. While both pallets are a good choice, each has its benefits, there is the best choice for your operation. Increased material movement with the right style pallet is a boon to your supply chain.

With the right pallet style, your supply chain can:

  • Move faster
  • Optimizing warehouse operations
  • Reduce product risk
  • Improve warehouse safety

Maximizing your operability with the right style pallets means improved safety for both employees and products, improved productivity, and more. Read on to learn about the differences between 2-way pallets and 4-way pallets.

2-way pallets

2-way pallets
2-way pallets

Two-way pallets allow forklifts to enter from the front and rear of the pallet. Some of the obvious benefits of this type of pallet include:

  • More economical option in most cases
  • Gives great power
  • Provides high durability

The downside of this type of pallet is that it is difficult to navigate in warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities that will have to move pallets around. Strength and durability benefits can be offset by investing extra time in maneuvering these pallets. 2-way pallets are a great choice for occasional loads, warehouses with enough room to move them into place, and for cost-conscious companies.

4-way Pallets

4 way Pallets 
4-way Pallets

4-way pallets provide access from all 4 sides by forklifts as well as pallet racks, which can be a huge advantage when it comes time to load and move pallets. 4-way pallets are favored for their heavy load capacity as well as their flexibility. The 4-way lift pallets are built using a block system to give them the extra strength they need to be lifted on all four sides.

The benefits of these types of pallets include:

  • They can be used with forklifts or pallet trucks for maneuvering
  • They are an excellent choice for very heavy loads and for warehouses that cannot manage the maneuvering required for 2-way pallets.
  • The 4-way lifting pallet can be easily repaired.

One of the main benefits of 4-way pallets is that they are easy to move, and they can easily be loaded onto shipping containers, around warehouses, and other destinations in the supply chain.

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