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The application of Packaging Air bags

Features of packaging air bags

  • The airbag is made from non-toxic, recyclable, and environmentally friendly HPDE plastic material.
  • The inflating process is custom-made by an air blower, fast and convenient.
  • Packaging air bags are easy to pack, improve product protection, and save time, freight costs, and labor costs. Column and pillow air bags in roll form, inflated when needed, helping to maximize storage space for businesses.
  • Increase aesthetics, and improve the appearance of product packaging.
  • Custom size depends on the wants and needs of the consumer.
  • The airbags are separated by an easy line. Therefore, even if one airbag is damaged, it will not affect the cushioning effect of all other airbags on the product.

Application of packaging air bags

Packaging air bags have a wide range of applications. As long as it is related to packing, an air cushion bag is a perfect substitute for paper plastic, foam with lightweight, environmental protection, and good cushioning performance.

Covering electronic products

Application of packaging air bags

Electronic products are items that are not only expensive and fragile but also prone to electrostatic discharge. Any damage caused to electronic equipment during shipping can be costly in terms of money and the reputation of the business. In this case, a highly protective packaging solution is required to protect the product from physical and mechanical damage during transit.

Electronic products can be mentioned as televisions, phones, computers, … or some other electronic components. At this time, using a cargo airbag can ensure that the risk of damage caused by the transportation of these fragile items is minimized.

Protection of handicrafts

Application of packaging air bags

Currently, a number of fragile baked products such as glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, etc. for interior decoration have very high prices. Therefore, in the handling of packaging and transportation, care must be taken. Airbags in this case will contribute to minimizing possible risks for businesses.

Protect medical instruments and equipment

The most important thing for medical instruments and devices is accuracy and integrity. The impact will significantly affect their quality and performance. It can be said that the appearance of the cargo airbag has greatly improved this situation because the basic feature of the airbag is to withstand pressure and strong impacts.

Protection of flammable products

Because many chemical products react with the air and are flammable and explosive, to ensure safety, the use of air bags can block oxygen, greatly improving the situation.

Food protection

Application of packaging air bags

The airbag is soft and light, so it won’t wear down the skin of the fruit. It can overcome collisions during the transportation of fruits, helping the food to arrive safely and without breaking.

Other areas

In addition to the fields mentioned above, the air cushion bag is also used to seal many other products: household appliances, cosmetics, drugs, chemicals… It can be said that the airbag can be used. Free to use for many industries, as long as it is related to shipping packaging.

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