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Reasons to use cargo airbags for the container

Cargo airbags are the key to protecting goods during shipping and receiving. It’s used in many ways of transportation, including road, rail, sea, or air. Why should businesses use cargo airbags for the container? What effect do they have? In the article below, we will provide our customers with the practical benefits of container airbags.

What are cargo airbags for the container?

The cargo airbags for the container

Cargo airbags for the container are bags made from multi-layer plastic or kraft paper, used to insert into the gaps in the container to help fix the package, avoid the collision of goods, and ensure the safety of passengers’ products when shipped by sea or train.

To meet the requirements and to create convenience for customers in the transportation of goods, container airbags are designed and manufactured in various sizes and durability.

The air injected into this cargo bag is light, yet strong and durable. Forms a cushion to protect the cargo load inside the container from displacement, shock, and vibration. Different sizes of cargo airbags fill different gaps between packages, to ensure their safety and to reduce damage in transit.

The cargo airbag is very stable and safe. It helps protect pallets placed under the product from damage during transit. These dunnage bags not only restrict side-to-side movement but also keep the pallet from moving up and down.

Why should we use cargo airbags for the container?

The cargo airbags for the container

Container cargo airbags are a cost-effective way to fill gaps and minimize damage. There are several reasons why business owners prefer dunnage airbags over wood, foam types:

Reduce packaging material costs

Usually, when the space between goods is too large so that the goods do not collide with each other, manufacturers have to wrap more outer packaging. If the quantity of goods is larger, the business will have to lose more packaging materials. It not only costs more materials and labor but also affects the progress of goods transportation. But with the use of airbags in the container, you will reduce the amount of packaging to the lowest level while still being able to fill the space between packages, keeping the overall aesthetic of the package.

Reduce loading and unloading time

As mentioned above, the addition of containerized airbags can help reduce loading and unloading times by two times. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save money as you’ll pay less for driver waiting time and less fuel consumption than reducing the container’s payload.

Minimize cargo damage

Cargo damage can happen at any time, whether visible or not. In just a short time, a sudden brake, a bend, or a pothole can cause damage to goods. The installation of cargo airbags for containers will fill the space between pallets, helping to reduce vibrations and shocks caused by movement. Thereby, it is possible to avoid damage and loss of goods.


Containerized airbags can be reused many times after being used. This not only helps businesses save costs but also contributes to environmental protection.

It seems that the container airbag is a very useful product for transporting goods. No matter what form your business is transporting: road, rail, sea… The use of cargo bags is extremely necessary to protect the safety of goods.

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