Advantages and disadvantages of Tilt Indicator Labels

 tilt indicator labels
Advantages and disadvantages of tilt indicator labels

The process of transporting goods is a period of potential risks that businesses cannot anticipate. Goods are often damaged more or less from falling or falling during transportation. Therefore, the tilt indicator labels were born to accurately measure and be a steel proof of risk problems, because the freight process helps the supply chain to be monitored and responsible.

Why should you use tilt indicator labels?

Because there are so many risks that occur during the transportation of goods, businesses are often concerned and decide to choose to buy cargo insurance to prevent losses. However, this has many shortcomings, in terms of time and cost for businesses for many reasons:

Firstly, if you have purchased insurance for goods, handling the insurance process to receive compensation requires a lot of time and effort. From the stage of inspecting how damaged the product is, which part will be responsible, how is it responsible and the processing time can be up to 6 months to 1 year is normal.

Second, the cost for experts to go abroad to carry out procedures and handle problems is also very high.

Third, the image and reputation of the business in the hearts of customers are also badly affected because there is no safe and professional transportation plan for the valuable products that customers buy.

Therefore, the tilt warning label is an extremely convenient and useful, and fast alternative. Tilting detection labels help businesses solve problems about who is responsible, early detect tilted goods for timely handling.

Advantages of tilt indicator labels

tilt indicator labels
Advantages of tilt indicator labels

Tilt warning label products are easy to use. The label is designed with a decal on the back, when using it, just tear off the decal and stick it directly on the box

Compact product, easy to store

Tilt detection labels ensure absolute safety, each warning label is printed with a unique barcode and serial number so as not to replace and retrieve information about the origin of the shipment.

Products indirectly contribute to limiting the loss and damage incurred during the transportation of goods. This is considered the most optimal cargo monitoring tool.

Tilt warning labels are the clearest and most honest evidence in cases of cargo incidents, helping to identify responsibilities between parties in the logistics chain.

Preventing harmful acts, adversely affecting products and goods.

Ensuring the quality of goods from storage to transportation for customers and partners. Create credibility and keep a professional image for your business in the eyes of customers.

Especially ISO 9001-2015 is the most important certification, to identify Leaning Label products manufactured with standardized processes and high quality.

Disadvantages of tilt indicator labels

Tilt warning labels are quite sensitive, once the gray marbles in the label roll in one direction, they stay there and do not change. Therefore, when gluing products, users need to be extremely careful.

Note that the seal code on the label is very important, so it should be saved as a basis for retrieving the package to avoid being changed/swapped during transportation.

Watch more of our slant warning label tutorial videos here: //

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