Are oxygen absorber packs safe for pharmaceutical use?

Oxygen Absorber Packs
Oxygen Absorber Packs

Many pharmaceutical products are very sensitive to oxygen, which is the cause of the spoilage of many medicinal products directly or indirectly. In fact, in many cases, pharmaceutical products are damaged by oxidation reactions or by the presence of spoilage aerobic microorganisms. Therefore, in order to preserve these products, it is common to exclude the oxygen in the pharmaceutical by means of oxygen absorber packs.

What is an oxygen absorber packs?

The presence of oxygen in pharmaceutical packages is mainly due to errors in the packaging process, such as gas mixtures containing oxygen residues or ineffective vacuum aspiration. Vacuum packaging has been widely used to remove oxygen in the package prior to sealing. However, oxygen permeating from the external environment into the packaging through the packaging material cannot be removed by this method. Therefore, the oxygen absorber package is used as an alternative to deoxidize the inside of pharmaceutical packaging.

Oxygen absorber sachets come in the form of small packages, containing ingredients capable of absorbing oxygen. Oxygen absorber packages are mainly used in the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products. Many people confuse the oxygen absorber pack and the desiccant pack. However, the use of the oxygen absorber package includes the use of the desiccant package. The oxygen absorber package has the function of dehumidifying and deoxidizing, and some types also have an effective anti-oil function.

Are oxygen absorber sachets safe for pharmaceutical use?

Are oxygen absorber packs safe for pharmaceutical use?
Are oxygen absorber packs safe for pharmaceutical use?

For pharmaceutical and healthcare products, many of which are subject to strict regulatory laws, manufacturers and suppliers must be careful when packing. Pharmaceutical products must ensure the chemical and physical stability of the formulation, integrity, safety, packaging process and method of distribution, etc. all of these play an important role. important in determining the shelf life of pharmaceutical products. Products that reach consumers must be in perfect condition to be effective and more importantly, safe to use. Therefore, the role of pharmaceutical preservation products is also extremely important. The ingredients that make them up must also be safe for pharmaceutical use.

The oxygen absorber package combines one of the ingredients such as iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, and sodium salt,… These compounds are capable of reducing the oxygen concentration to less than 0.01%, lower than normal levels, preventing aerobic bacteria from having a chance to grow. Minimize oxidation, causing damage to goods. The oxygen absorber package meets several requirements such as no harm to the human body, no carcinogens, no side effects, and absorbing oxygen at an appropriate rate. The product does not produce harmful substances or gases or unpleasant odors is compact in size and has stable quality and performance, to absorb a large amount of oxygen.

Especially, the product line of oxygen absorber packs under the OHUNTER brand is extremely safe for pharmaceuticals, food, and other agricultural products. Because this product line has achieved quality certifications: SGS TEST of Singapore, ISO, MSDS, VSATTP of Vietnam, and most importantly, FDA certification (issued by the US Food and Drug Administration). . This is the highest certification in quality control oil-proof oxygen absorber packs, ensuring that the product can be exported to the most demanding markets.

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