Distinguish oxygen absorber package and desiccant package

Oxygen absorber packages and desiccant packages are two important substances widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Quite a few people confuse these two terms with each other. While both works to preserve perishable products, each has a different role. In this article, we will discuss the difference and how the desiccant pack and the oxygen absorber pack work.

Distinguish oxygen absorber packages and desiccant package

Distinguish oxygen absorber packages and desiccant package
Distinguish oxygen absorber packages and desiccant package

The main difference between oxygen absorber packages and desiccant is their effect. The desiccant package only has the function of absorbing moisture, while the oxygen absorber package has the function of both dehumidifying and absorbing oxygen, some also have an anti-oil function for food. Therefore, the oxygen absorber package is often more expensive than the desiccant package.

The main ingredients of the oxygen absorber pack are iron powder, activated carbon, sodium salt, and diatomaceous earth, so when the product is cut in half, it contains black fine particles. The desiccant pack is made from transparent silica gel particles.

What are oxygen absorber packages?

Oxygen absorber packages
Oxygen absorber packages

An oxygen absorber or oxygen absorber pack is a small package that contains ingredients that help remove or reduce oxygen to a minimum for the package. Oxygen absorbers are also helpful in maintaining product safety and extending shelf life.

The main component of modern oxygen absorbers is a mixture of iron powder and sodium chloride. However, it usually includes activated carbon because it can absorb some other gases and organic molecules. This helps preserve food longer and eliminates odors. Some of the main benefits of using oxygen absorbers are helping to retain the fresh taste of food preventing oxidation of spice oil resins, preventing oxidation of vitamins A, C, and E, and prolonging pharmaceutical shelf life…

For pharmaceutical products: Many pharmaceutical products lose their effectiveness due to oxidation. Therefore, by removing oxygen thanks to the oxygen absorber pack, the quality and effectiveness of the drug are preserved.

For food products: Oxygen can have many effects on food. This spoilage process can be slowed down by removing oxygen from the packaging. Oxidation also leads to changes in taste, aroma, and texture. Oxygen absorbers in food packaging also ensure food is safe to eat.

What is a desiccant pack?

Desiccant pack
Desiccant pack

Humidity in the air is another factor that can cause certain foods to spoil, metals to rust, and medicines to lose their effectiveness. Bacteria and mold also need moisture to survive. Removing water from the air prevents the source of life and the growth of mold and bacteria.

The desiccant pack is used to absorb moisture. Moisture can build up inside the package through temperature changes, condensation from moisture in the air, or moisture present in the food itself. Desiccant packs can reduce condensation and allow stored items to stay dry even in wet conditions: vitamins, food, pharmaceuticals, and spices,…

Both types of products have the function of helping to preserve food and pharmaceutical products and extend shelf life. However, depending on the needs of use, users should choose the right product. For normal products, just need to reduce humidity, it is recommended to use a desiccant package. But for foods, especially those that contain a lot of oil, we recommend using an oxygen absorber pack. Because they not only absorb moisture but also help resist oil, prevent mold, and spoilage, and keep the original state, color, and taste of the product.

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