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6 steps of export wooden pallets packing

export wooden pallets
export wooden pallets

If you regularly ship goods, you definitely want everything to go smoothly, with no additional costs, and you want the goods to be delivered to the correct destination without damage. Here are some standard export wooden pallet packing tips that you can apply to help prevent your goods from being damaged in transit.

Standard export wooden pallets

Export wooden pallets are one of the main forms of packaging goods, so certain rules have been created to ensure that products are transported in the safest, most efficient way possible. This reduces the chance of the pallet breaking or being damaged, which also means that the goods you are transporting are less likely to be damaged.
Wooden pallets for export need to meet international standards ISPM15. Particularly for goods exported to European countries and demanding markets, it is necessary to have an EPAL certificate issued by the European Pallet Association.
Most wooden pallets are in good use, but sometimes they fail if they are damaged or if handling does not meet ISPM15 and EPAL standards. If your export wooden pallet is inspected and found to be substandard, it is possible that your entire package will be returned. This takes a lot of time, money, and effort for the manufacturer, the carrier, and even the customer.

How to properly pack export wooden pallets

 export wooden pallets
How to properly pack export wooden pallets

Step 1: Choose the right pallet. Choose pallets in good condition.
Step 2: Evenly distribute the weight on the pallet and stack your items in columns.
Step 3: Choose a pallet large enough so that your goods do not lack indentation against the edges of the pallet.
Step 4: Please shrink your cargo wrap by enclosing the crates along with the top of the pallet to prevent your cargo from loosening, and breaking.
Step 5: Ensure that the top of your packed pallet is flat to reduce the risk of damage or loss of goods
Step 6: Please note that the label of the goods must be placed on the outside of the wrapping for it to be inspected and scanned correctly.
How to label your pallet goods

Label the exported wooden pallet

 export wooden pallets
Label the exported wooden pallet

When preparing your package for shipping, it is important not only to follow the packing instructions. There are also a few guidelines regarding the labeling of your containers.
By correctly labeling your goods, you will ensure that your goods are handled appropriately, that your goods meet required shipping regulations, and that recipients can identify them. your shipment and that you are complying with safety standards. Please note that mislabeling can lead to delays, shipping damage, or even worst-case loss, all of which result in high costs of money and time. For full pallets, please note that your label must be placed on the outside of the wrapper for it to be scanned correctly.

Poor packaging puts your goods as well as our carriers at risk, which is why they reserve the right to refuse packaging that does not comply with the export pallet packing standards we list. listed above. Therefore, make sure the product arrives safely and without unnecessary damage with standard export wooden pallet packaging methods.

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