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Features of the Easy Cut safety cutter

The Easy Cut safety cutter is one of the safest and most convenient tools for unpacking and cutting packages. Used in a wide variety of industries, safety knives greatly reduce the risk of cutter-related injuries in the workplace. The safety cutter can effectively cut through cardboard, plastic, and another packaging. And after releasing the slider, the safety blade will automatically retract, increasing the protection for personnel in using the product. To know what is a safety cutter? How do they score? Please continue reading the article below.

What is an Easy Cut safety cutter?

Easy cut safety cutter
Easy-cut safety cutter

Easy Cut safety cutter is a cutting product line commonly used in cutting belts, cutting cartons… They are specially designed, specialized to open all kinds of cartons, and all kinds of straps to tie goods in a way. most convenient and safe for users, without fear of adversely affecting the goods packed inside.

Features of the Easy Cut safety cutter

Any safety cutter has two main components: the handle and the blade.

Blade part

Easy Cut safety cutter
Easy Cut safety cutter

The blade part has 3 settings, corresponding to each different depth and thickness of the container, to prevent product damage. The user can freely customize the 3 levels at will. In addition, they also have a locking feature to fix the position and pull the box tape.

The cutter is designed to be very flexible, whether right- or left-handed people can use the cutter most safely.

The blade part features a free extension, giving the user an extremely user-friendly and comfortable blade. Eliminate the need for repetitive finger movements.

A pretty prominent advantage of the Easy Cut line of safety cutters is that they are very easy to change the blade. The user can easily and quickly change the blade and spare compartment of this cutter.

Handle part

Easy Cut safety cutter handle
Easy Cut safety cutter handle

The handle is designed to be very safe. Safety cutter manufacturers focus on reducing blade contact to minimize the risk of injury.

cutter edge adjustment edges make it possible to pull the boxes or when cutting the lids of the crates and trays with very high precision, the operation is extremely simple and easy for beginners to use. They even have a safety lock while the blade is open.

In addition, the Easy Cut safety cutter also has a cover and a lanyard that is extremely safe and convenient. Users can take it with them at any time. This helps to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the loss or occurrence of cutters.

The Easy Cut safety cutter has a relatively low cost of use over time. Outperforms other cutters. If a normal cutter is only used for 1 month, it is damaged or needs to be replaced. Then the Easy Cut safety cutter can be used for 3-5 years before breaking 1 cutter, even just need to change the blade to be able to use it like new. An ordinary cutter product can change the blade every 6 months for 1 blade, helping users save costs many times compared to using conventional cutters.

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