Causes of damaged wooden pallets

damaged wooden pallets
Cause of damaged wooden pallets

Most industrial materials and equipment cannot avoid the risk of unintended damage. The trip from truck to pallet rack can be a long one, and there are many hazards along the way that can occur with both the pallet and the items it contains. Some are caused by user error, some are due to incorrect packaging of items, some are due to structural problems, and all of them can be dangerous. Although there are many causes of damage to wooden pallets, however, proper handling can prevent these damages from occurring.

The leading cause of damaged wooden pallets

damaged wooden pallets
Causes of damaged wooden pallets

Unstable packaging

The items on the pallet themselves can be one of the most common sources of damage due to weight changes or structural problems. Especially if the wooden pallet rack has been sealed after the items have been stacked, and any items are not placed properly (e.g. lying on their side or in a way that could crush small items). other items on the same pallet) can result in damage to other items on the pallet, as well as damage to the wooden pallet.

Unbalanced weight limit

Similarly, if the weight of items is not properly distributed on the pallet, it can damage the wooden pallet, the items, or even the pallet rack it rests on. Items placed in the wrong order of weight, or when there are too many heavy items on one side of the pallet, can damage the pallet containing the items, resulting in further damage to the inventory or surrounding areas.

Uneven stacking

Once the pallets have reached the pallet rack, they should be stacked as carefully as possible to maintain balance and stability on the rack. If the pallets are not placed properly, they can damage the items underneath, or even damage the pallet racks. In extreme cases, uneven stacking can cause pallets to fall to the floor, creating a huge risk of injury.

Improper use of forklift

A major risk of damaging pallets is the forklift used to transport them. If workers use the forklift improperly or if a critical part of the forklift fails, pallets can be damaged due to improper handling, lifting, or transportation.

Solutions to prevent common types of damage to wooden pallets

damaged wooden pallets
Solutions to prevent damaged wooden pallets

Make sure handlers know how to stack each pallet they create to avoid damage. Plan to stack each pallet as safely as possible to prevent damage to wooden pallets or items.

Ensure that staff using pallets understand the weight limit of a given pallet and know how to balance it properly. If a pallet is too heavy to move on one side, it is recommended that you disassemble and redo it for long-term safety.

Stack the same pallet racks only, as far as weight is concerned. If these racks are lifted with a forklift, make sure they are always lifted from the bottom to prevent damage or weight slippage.

Make sure that handling personnel knows how to operate the specific types of forklifts they use in the workplace, and make sure to follow standard maintenance procedures to ensure they function properly.

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