Benefits of heat-treated pallets

Heat-treated pallets conform to hygiene standards. The International Phytosanitary Standard for Wooden Packaging, also known as ISPM15, requires that all forms of wooden packaging, including pallets, be heat treated before being used for shipping. . Wooden pallet products that have achieved specific heat treatment certifications, demonstrate good processing, giving customers complete confidence that there will be no problems with their exported goods.

heat-treated pallets
Heat-treated pallets

Why do wooden pallets need to be heat treated?

More than 90% of the pallets used to ship goods in the world are made of wood. The volume of wooden packaging being shipped is very large, so heat treatment checks are carried out to make sure there are no pests lurking in the wood. This is very important for items that are shipped worldwide.

heat-treated pallets
Wood pallets are heat treated to ISPM15 standards

Each treated wooden pallet product is stamped with an internationally recognized seal to demonstrate that the packaged item has been handled according to ISPM15 standards. This seal essentially acts as a passport for the packaged item allowing it to be transported confidently across international borders and ensuring that it is free of wood pests.

Benefits of heat-treated pallets

heat-treated pallets
Benefits of heat-treated pallets

Eliminate Pests and Fungi

One of the most eco-friendly benefits of heat-treated wooden pallets is that they kill insects and bacteria that can harm the pallets, which can even lead to illness for the people handling the pallets. Dead wood doesn’t mean there’s nothing alive in it. With standard pallets, diseases and harmful insect eggs can remain on wooden pallets and spread to other pallets. With heat-treated pallets, the wood is heated to harmful bacteria.

Qualified for international export

For goods shipped long distances domestically and internationally, heat-treated pallets are a must. The spread of insects and other pests from abroad can have a significant impact on the goods being transported and can spread from one country to another.

Longer life

Since moisture has been removed from heat-treated wooden pallets, they last longer than conventional pallets. Wooden pallets often start to rot due to moisture and exposure to the elements of the environment. But for heat-treated pallets, which are more durable because moisture is eliminated, heat-treated pallets are also lighter in weight than regular pallets, meaning less taxed load on the equipment, resulting in cost savings. shipping fee for the goods.

Easy to recycle and reuse

Since heat-treated pallets are marked as such, they can be easily recycled and reused without the need to be treated or re-marked. Wooden pallets generally wear out much faster, they are difficult to reuse. and may not last long during handling, due to heavy wear and tear with use. Therefore, heat-treated pallets are useful for reuse, cutting down on the use of freshly harvested wood.

Heat-treated wooden pallets are a perfect choice for businesses that want to ship goods overseas because they are eco-friendly, prevent the spread of insects, and save money on shelf life. longer and reduce weight in transit.

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