The reason airbag packaging has become the No. 1 packaging material in e-commerce


airbag packaging
The reason airbag packaging has become the No. 1 packaging material in e-commerce

In the era of 4.0, e-commerce develops rapidly, and the demand for packaging from shop owners is also constantly updated. Far beyond paper bags, and explosive foam, there is a type of packaging that is quietly leading the e-commerce storm of the new era, taking the No.1, which is airbag packaging. To learn more about this product, read on.

The role of airbag packaging for e-commerce

airbag packaging
The role of airbag packaging for e-commerce

Whether it’s domestic e-commerce or international e-commerce, high-value and fragile items need special attention during transportation. If a very valuable and high-value item is damaged or causes unnecessary damage during transportation, it will certainly cause a lot of loss to the business not only in terms of costs but also in terms of costs. greatly affect the reputation of the company itself.
The packaging of the items also gives a lot of added value to the company’s products, and even adds a lot of points. A reputable and responsible company must pay great attention to the packaging of its products so that it is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

What makes airbag packaging the top choice in packaging?

airbag packaging
What makes airbag packaging the top choice in packaging?
  • Aesthetic, environmentally friendly

The inflatable airbag has a compact shape. Aesthetic appearance, no dust, helps the product to be packaged inside more clean and beautiful. In particular, airbag packaging is very difficult to explode and is not easily deformed when under pressure. Airbags are low-cost, reusable, recyclable, help reduce carbon emissions, and are environmentally friendly.

  • Outstanding protection function

The protective function of the cargo airbag is very strong, protecting the product very effectively, thereby reducing the failure rate of the product and significantly saving the cost of the manufacturer.

  • Compact, save storage space

And the inflatable bag has a flat membrane design, stored in rolls before use, so the storage doesn’t take up too much space, which improves both storage space and time. Can be ready to activate at any time easily and quickly, improving employee work efficiency.

  • Good resilience

The air cushion bag has good elasticity and strong cushioning ability. Airbags are very good at resisting various vibrations and impacts during transportation, better-protecting products, and preventing damage.

  • Passed SGS certification to ensure that health and safety standards are met

The e-commerce airbag is SGS certified, does not contain any heavy metals, is non-toxic when burned, and conforms to the product’s air-tight, moisture-proof characteristics. This is the best alternative to paper and styrofoam.
It is these great advantages and properties that make inflatable bags the leading product packaging choice for e-commerce businesses.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped customers better understand the cargo airbag. To understand more about product details and how to use it, you can access specific video tutorials here.

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