AAR certification

What is AAR certification?

AAR certification is the American Railroad Association’s world’s leading certification for quality assurance. This is a certification required for all carriers who wish to join, cooperate and exchange services for the North American railway industry. Including: USA, Mexico, Canada.

Strict process to achieve AAR certification:

The Atmet air bag has undergone the following inspection and evaluation steps:

  • Complete the certification request and submit the request to the AAR Quality Assurance Commission.
  • The Committee manager will designate an expert to undertake the quality control task.
  • Experts conduct inspections at the Atmet airbag production facility based on the air bag quality standards provided by the Quality Assurance Commission.
  • Experts synthesize test results. And submit a report to the Quality Assurance Committee with explanations from the manufacturer Atmet if there are any problems during the inspection.
  • The committee conducts approval and makes a decision to approve the AAR certification.
  • Every year, the quality assurance specialist conducts periodic inspections at the production facility to maintain the validity of the certification.
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