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Food Hygiene and Safety Certificate

What is a Food Hygiene and Safety Certificate (Food Hygiene and Safety)?

Food production and trading establishments are required to have a Certificate of Eligibility for Food Safety (referred to as a certificate of food safety) when operating. Except for the case specified in Clause 1, Article 12 of Decree No.: 15/2018/ND-CP.

This is a license issued by a competent authority to businesses, food business households, food production, and catering services to ensure that establishments meet food hygiene and safety requirements as prescribed by law.

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Conditions for issuance of Certificate of eligibility food safety?

The location, the appropriate area, has a safe distance from the source of toxicity and pollution.Having enough water to meet technical standards for food production and trading.Sufficient equipment for material handling, processing, packaging, preservation and transportation of various foods. There are enough disinfecting tools, disinfectant water, equipment to prevent and control insects and harmful animals.The waste treatment system is operated regularly in accordance with the law on environmental protection.Maintain conditions to ensure food safety and keep records on the origin and origin of food materials and other documents about the entire process of food production and trading.Comply with health regulations, knowledge and practices of people directly producing food.Having registered the food business lines in the Business Registration Certificate.Benefits of having a certificate of food hygiene and safety Food safety paper plays an important role for businesses operating in the food supply chain. The great benefits that this type of paper can bring to businesses include: Show the compliance of the business with the provisions of the law. Avoid the case of being sanctioned for lack of food hygiene and safety certificate. Damages both money and business reputation.Create trust for customers about the quality and safety of the products provided by the business. Thereby increasing the purchasing power of products as well as increasing the chances of winning bids and receiving contracts.Help businesses control and maintain stable and consistent food quality and safety.It is the basis for enterprises to announce product quality standards or to apply for a certificate of free sale or to apply for a license to carry out advertising activities for food.


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