2 types of tilt labels

Tilt labels
Tilt labels

Despite the increasing demand for freight transportation, there are still many people who do not know how to simplify the quality inspection processes when shipping. Some of the primary and frequent causes of damaged goods during transportation are collisions, vibrations, tilting, etc. To beat competitors, businesses need effective solutions to reduce unexpected incidents and costs. One of the simple but very effective treatments is the tilt label. Join us to learn about tilt detection labels in the following article.

What is a tilt label? How do they work?

Tilt labels are a cargo monitoring tool for shippers who want their goods to be free from tipping over. The label’s shipping tilt indicator records the mishandling of your goods and provides clear evidence. It helps identify customer goods damaged by which stakeholders in the logistics chain. To prevent illegal and non-standard handling behaviors. Reduce up to 70% impact on interests. This is why handlers must be careful with their goods when slanting label(s).

The tilt labels can detect and indicate the degree of inclination using the circle in the center of the indicator. The inclination is pre-set and applicable to most shipping situations. When cargo is tilted, tipped, or overturned during transportation or storage, the indicator can record the degree of inclination for handlers, consignees, or shippers to take appropriate action. Mostly, indicators are used in shipping or storing goods. With different anti-tilt levels of each package, depending on different goods, choose the appropriate level.

2 common types of tilt labels

There are 2 types of tilt labels on the market, in order from single-function to multi-function. They all have a warning color to attract the attention of all relevant cargo handlers in the logistics chain.

All tilt indicators are made of “sticker”, “plastic case”, and “display circle”. Above the label include the brand name, this upward arrow, and the serial number on the sticker. The arrow prompts the operator to keep one side facing up. The serial number is to prevent tampering, in case of replacement of activated tilt indicators.

Warning label tilted 90 degrees left and right

tilt labels
Warning label tilted 90 degrees left and right

This type of tilt label is supplemented with the direction of tilt, tilt to the right or the left. The tilt trigger is 90°. After a slant occurs during delivery, the circle shown at the top will change from silver to red and one of the boxes shown below will turn silver.

Multi-directional tilt labels

Tilt labels
Multi-directional tilt labels

This is a more advanced version. The latest tilt indicator combines the functions of a 90-degree tilt warning label while adding a variety of angles from 30° to 90° with rollover detection. Each part is independent and detected separately. When tilt occurs, the bronze ball rolls into a corresponding line. Relative personnel can check whether the inclination exceeds the required level. It applies to most freight conditions.

See how the tilt detection label works here: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdbCnBLSndw&t=4s

Tilt warning labels not only protect your product from the front but also on your right side. It allows you to track and understand how your goods are transported from warehouse to destination.

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