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2 most popular types of Easy Cut Safety Knife

Opening products packed in sturdy and heavy cardboard boxes requires the help of efficient cutting tools. The Easy Cut Safety Knife is a safe, fast, and extremely convenient unpacking solution. Here are the two most commonly used safety knives today, let’s learn about the characteristics of each.

What is Easy Cut Safety Knife?

Easy Cut Safety Knife
Easy Cut Safety Knife

The Easy Cut safety knife is manufactured with the highest quality steel and offers up to three times longer service life than conventional knives. The blade tip has a special radius, which helps to prevent injury and damage to the product when cutting. The blade is not chipped with an incredibly sharp edge that can cut through cardboard quickly and easily every time. The Easy Cut knife blades come in an easy-to-open carrying case, which is also used to store blades for a quick change.

Safety knife classification Easy Cut

Easy Cut safety knives are generally divided into two types: Easy Cut 2000 safety knives and Easy Cut 4000 safety knives.

Safety knife 2000

Easy Cut Safety knife 2000
Easy Cut Safety knife 2000

Safety cutter 2000 is the most commonly used cutter series. They are specifically designed to open all kinds of cartons and straps, making it easy to operate and ensuring the goods inside are always safe.

Ergonomic handle, just gently squeeze to expand the blade. This feature reduces repetitive motion of the thumbs, reducing thumb injuries that often occur with other blades. When the user releases the handle, the blade automatically retracts inside the safety guard. This eliminates the possibility of an accident or injury when the cutter is not in use.

In addition, the blade on this safety cutter is slightly longer, helping to cut even damaged and difficult-to-cut packaging boxes.

The cutter has double-sided guide edges, allowing the user to make precise upper cuts quickly and easily. The blades can be slid back to the safety unit once the user is done cutting. There is also a side storage compartment to store the blades, facilitating quick and tool-free blade changes, done safely and quickly.

The structure of the 2000 safety knife includes a plastic shell, a lid, a plastic button and a stainless steel blade. The knife has 3 cutting modes corresponding to each specific depth. Therefore, users do not need to worry about the distance between the goods inside and the box being too short, causing the knife to cut inside.

Safety knife 4000

Easy Cut Safety knife 4000
Easy Cut Safety knife 4000

Safety cutter 4000 is an upgraded version of safety cutter 2000, used with higher efficiency. They are equipped with a blade tray, a cap, and a convenient side strap. The Easy Cut 4000 safety cutter is a tool that provides a safe, fast and cost-effective package opening solution that eliminates the possibility of product damage due to package cuts and tears. It is designed to last and perform well in even the most demanding environments.

Similar to the 2000 safety knife, the 4000 safety knife also has 3 cutting modes corresponding to different depths. Their unique design allows the blade to be withdrawn immediately after use. This feature provides users with the best protection against injuries.

Its ergonomic handle requires a gentle squeeze to extend the blade. This feature reduces repetitive thumb movements, reducing the risk of thumb injuries common with other cutter blades.

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