What you need to know about PE packaging film?

PE (Polyethylene) packaging film is a special type of material widely used in packaging and wrapping products. In the following article, DNS Solution will explore more about packaging film. Let’s together refer to the detailed content below!

pe packaging film
What you need to know about PE packaging film?

What is PE packaging film?

PE (Polyethylene) is a type of polymer, or plastic material, formed from ethylene units linked together through non-polar hydrocarbon bonds. This polymer has flexible properties and excellent recyclability, making it a popular choice in the industrial and packaging sectors.

PE film (PE Stretch Film) is a form of PE plastic. It is produced by melting the PE plastic pellets at the appropriate temperature in an extruder. Then, the molten PE plastic is shaped and cooled through a production process. PE film has the ability to stretch and maintain its shape, and it is often used to wrap and protect goods and food from external environmental influences.

The production process of PE packaging film

The most common method for producing PE film is using an extrusion machine. Specifically, the production steps may include:

  • Melting PE pellets: PE plastic pellets are fed into the extruder and melted at a temperature of about 120°C.
  • Shaping and cooling: The molten PE plastic is then passed into a mold to shape and adjust the size. Afterward, the PE film is cooled and rolled onto product rolls.
  • Rolling into finished products: Once the PE film has been shaped and cooled, it is rolled into rolls that can be used.
pe packaging film
The production process of PE packaging film

What are the characteristics of PE film?

Physical properties:

  • PE film is typically transparent or colorless and has no odor.
  • It is non-conductive of heat and electricity.
  • It has high strength and good stretchability (up to 300%), making it easy to wrap around various shapes.
  • PE film is waterproof and resistant to oils and greases, preventing the infiltration of air and other harmful agents.
  • The melting point of PE is high (around 120°C), while its glass transition temperature is low (-100°C), which gives it stability in various temperature conditions.

PE film has become an essential part of the packaging and transportation industry due to its outstanding properties and flexibility in protecting goods and food.

Chemical properties:

  • At room temperature, PE film does not react with many solvents, dyes, acids, alkalis, and bromine water. This makes PE film a suitable material for preserving and packaging various types of food and goods that need protection from external factors.
  • At high temperatures (above 70°C), PE film may have limited solubility in some solvents like mineral oil, turpentine, xylene, and toluene. This property can be used in some special applications but is not commonly encountered in normal conditions.
  • PE film is insoluble in water, fatty alcohols, and essential oils at any temperature, allowing it to maintain stability in humid and temperature-variable environments.

Advantages of PE Packaging Film

pe packaging film
Advantages of PE Packaging Film
  • Comprehensive protection layer: The primary role of stretch film is to create an outstanding protective layer, ensuring that goods and products are shielded from dust and water penetration.
  • Safe storage of goods: Stretch film plays a crucial role in packaging and wrapping goods, ensuring that they remain undamaged during transportation and storage.
  • Flexible packaging: Stretch film allows for secure and easy packaging of goods in varying quantities, depending on specific requirements.
  • Branding identity: Using stretch film provides a more professional image for a company and its products, enhancing brand value in the eyes of customers.
  • Flexibility in stretching: The stretchability of stretch film makes packaging convenient and effective. Enhanced aesthetics: The transparency of stretch film enhances the aesthetic value of the products inside, creating a better impression on consumers.
  • Accurate shaping: Stretch film helps accurately shape goods and products, preventing them from falling, getting damaged, or lost during transportation. Protection from scratches: Stretch film ensures that goods are protected from scratches, keeping them fresh and attractive.

What fields is PE film used in?

  • In households, PE film is used to wrap food to protect it from insects, dust, and external factors. It can also be used for rain covers, garment wrapping, and various other daily life applications.
  • In industries, PE film is widely used to wrap goods, protecting them from impacts, abrasion, and moisture during transportation or storage. It is also used to wrap palletized goods to keep them secure during transportation.
pe packaging film
What fields is PE film used in?
  • In agriculture, PE film is often used to wrap agricultural products or cover the soil to protect them from pests, mold, and weeds. It can also be used as small greenhouses to protect crops.
  • In fisheries, PE film is used to preserve frozen seafood and line pond banks, helping manage and maintain pond water effectively.
  • Furthermore, PE film is used in various creative applications, including aesthetics, handmade crafts, painting, fashion design, and waterproofing.

If you want to learn more about the product or have any questions about PE packaging film, you can contact SKY PAKfor assistance. If you need to purchase a large quantity of packaging tape, please contact the hotline at 079 3333 086 for the best advice.

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