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Some features of leaning labels

For certain goods, when transporting, it is required to be fixed in an upright position at all times. However, when traveling over long distances, through many different terrains, it is inevitable that collisions, cause goods to be tilted and dumped. For this reason, leaning labels are manufactured as products that detect and record unacceptable tilt of goods. This is considered a reliable and economical solution to prevent damage to goods during transit due to tilting or tipping of goods during the journey. Let’s learn about the features and benefits of tilt warning labels in the following article.

Features of leaning labels

 tilt warning label
Features of leaning labels

The leaning labels consists of two components: an additional layer of labels affixed to the carton and a layer of tilt warning labels containing gray marbles. The two sides of the label have 2 round boxes “LEFT” – “RIGHT”, helping to identify the inclined directions of the goods. In cases where the goods are tilted or spilled to one side beyond the allowable limit, the gray ball will roll toward the inclined direction of the fixed container right there. Therefore, departments and stakeholders in the logistics chain can easily detect that the package has been tilted or dumped during transportation. The shock warning label will be activated when the package is tilted by 10 degrees.

Features of leaning labelss:

  • Tilt detection of many product types and sizes
  • Easy to install and activate by removing the decal.
  • Anti-tamper design prevents product tampering
  • Has a unique identifier, which cannot be changed.

Watch more specific videos about our tilt detection labels and instructions for using our tilt detection labels here:

Benefits of using leaning labels

 leaning labels
Benefits of using leaning labels

Tilt detection labels used to monitor goods must be kept upright. Once applied to the packaging of packages, the leaning labels helps:

  • Provide irrefutable proof of the inclination of goods and products.
  • Ensure the quality of the product.
  • Reduce product damage and loss incurred during transportation
  • Provides simple, cost-effective tilt prevention
  • Acts as a visual deterrent against improper handling
  • Stick it directly on the goods or packaging to see clearly
  • The unique identifier eliminates the need for custom serial numbers. From here, the customer can trace the origin of the package themselves, or the supplier can trace the responsibility of which party is in the transportation process.
  • The tilt indicator is not affected by movement due to normal handling conditions.
  • Improve the credibility of suppliers and stakeholders in the logistics chain. Bringing the highest satisfaction when goods reach customers.
  • Thanks to the leaning labels, transport units will be more attentive and careful during loading and unloading, and transporting goods. As a result, the impact on goods is reduced by up to 70%.

If you have any other questions regarding the tilt detection label, you can contact SKYPAK for further assistance!

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