Instructions for use of tilt indicators

The tilt indicators are a tool to help identify and document evidence of improperly tipping cargo. It is also a tamper-proof, mechanically actuated device that provides a visual indication when the product is tilted more than 30°. Thus, it is possible to prove whether the product is overturned or tilted when the product is damaged during transportation. For the carrier, the visible tilt indicator is also a compelling reminder to handle the package properly and with the necessary care.

Why should you use tilt Indicators?

tilt Indicators
Tilt Indicators

Tilt indicators detect inclinations of more than 80 degrees. If some items are tilted beyond this angle, they may be damaged. Chemicals and other liquids are good examples. If these vital goods are toppled, they could leak. This can pose health and safety risks. In addition, an activated tilt indicator may mean that the liquid has been stirred during transportation and handling.
Even if there is no safety risk, proper handling of goods is still important. One is to comply with shipping regulations. Another reason is to show recipients that the delivery company handles shipping and handling responsibly.

By using a slant warning label, both the receiver and the person inspecting the goods can be sure that the items have been handled properly. Forging and exchanging indicators is almost impossible. That’s why many companies use these tilt detection labels for the delivery, handling, and receipt of critical goods. They are very effective in determining if goods have been mishandled.

Outstanding features of tilt indicators

  • Indisputable proof of improper handling or improper storage
  • A simple method to reduce repair costs and claims
  • Visual warning for improper handling
  • Minimize instances of incorrect handling during transportation and storage
  • Force recipients to check content before accepting
  • Actively protect fragile, sensitive goods and goods that need to be inspected during transportation

Instructions for use of tilt indicators

tilt indicators
Instructions for use of tilt indicators

Step 1: Determine the appropriate labeling location

Usually, the tilt detection label will be affixed to 2 adjacent sides of the box so that the 4 directions of inclination of the goods can be measured.

Step 2: Proceed to paste the label in the appropriate position

After locating the sticker, proceed to remove the decal off the tilted goods warning sticker and stick it in the correct position.

Step 3: Check the parcel

Inspect the package by tilting the label on the flat floor. If the gray marble runs in any direction, the product is listed in that direction.

Step 4: Keep the seal code on the label

On the tilt detection label, there is a unique seal code. Customers should keep this code as evidence, and rely on this code to access the package to avoid the case of goods being exchanged or exchanged during transportation.

To learn more about the instructions for using the tilted goods warning sticker, readers can follow the specific video tutorial here: // =4s

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