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Feature of PET Polyester Strapping

PET Polyester Strapping
PET Polyester Strapping

Fastening products together to protect them during transit or to keep them organized and secure during storage is not uncommon in today’s packaging industries. Belts are used in shipping operations, securing packages in a variety of applications, including strapping common products to pallets, stacking construction materials, and more. When it comes to the belt line, With higher strength than PP straps and cheaper price than composite straps, PET Polyester Strapping cannot be ignored. To learn more about this type of plastic strap, let’s explore the following article.

What are the characteristics of PET Polyester Strapping?

Structure of PET Polyester Strapping

PET Polyester Strapping is one of the 3 best-quality cargo straps today. PET straps are made from a thermoplastic polymer called polyethylene terephthalate, which is a type of polyester resin. PET straps are highly resistant to heat. Even when the temperature is up to 200 degrees Celsius or cooled to -90 degrees Celsius, the chemical structure of PET Polyester Strapping remains unchanged.

PET straps are almost produced from recycled materials, have a characteristic color of green, and can be embossed or plain depending on the needs of the user.

When manipulating goods with PET straps, users need to use additional support kits:

  • Set of strapping pliers, steel or plastic strapping to fix belt tightening positions. This operation can be done manually.
  • Automatic belt tightening machine

Features of PET straps

The characteristics of PET plastic belts are that they have high mechanical strength, are able to withstand strong tearing forces, and absorb high impacts. Therefore, when encountering movements during transportation, the goods remain fixed and intact. High wear resistance and durable hardness.

In terms of long-term use, PET straps are also resistant to corrosion and have good elasticity, and are resistant to harsh weather, especially against ultraviolet rays.

Thanks to the plastic structure, PET straps do not oxidize when exposed to moisture and cause rust like steel straps. So items like metal or food are not affected when tied with PET straps. In addition, when trying to tighten the belt to the goods, it will not affect the product.

What fields are PET plastic straps used in?

Application of PET Polyester Strapping
Application of PET Polyester Strapping

Besides the strength of composite straps, PET belts are also listed in the list of belts with excellent bearing capacity, used in many different industries. As a packing and binding material for packages in trucks, containers, and ships…

PET straps are mainly used for rigid packages, it is a good alternative to PP straps: for building materials, electronic appliances, home appliances, furniture products, industrial wood processing, the paper industry, the fiber optic cable manufacturing industry, and other machinery

In addition, PET straps can still bind soft goods such as clothing, liquids, food, and fragile products such as ceramics and glass.

We hope that the information about PET Polyester Strapping products provided by SKYPAK in this article is useful to our customers. If you need more information or have any other questions about this belt, contact us immediately for support.

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