Total Packaging Solutions



SKY PAK owns a team of Officers and Professionals with long-term knowledge and experience in the field of Importing and exporting packaging solutions to protect goods to be able to bring high-class Ohunter Oxygen Absorbent Packages. of Singapore, American Airbag, American Safety Knife, Taiwan Impact Label, Export Standard Wooden Pallet, High-grade Desiccant for Export… with full certification of the strictest international quality standards such as AAR, FDA, ISO, TUV … to bring peace of mind about the quality and brand of your business in protecting their products, especially those who want to export goods to foreign countries.

SKY PAK with pioneering aspirations, investment strategy – sustainable development, SKY PAK will become a leading company distributing technology solutions for packaging and safe transportation for the export industry in Vietnam. prestige and position throughout the territory of Vietnam. Successfully building a chain of professional products and services, contributing to improving the effectiveness of protecting products and values ​​of customers’ businesses in order to improve the position of enterprises in the international export market.

We always improve and build professional processes so that customers always have the most convenient and specific PAYMENT AND PURCHASE experience.

Chính sách thanh toán và công nợ của Sky Pak rất linh động


Sky Pak is flexible in payment methods to make it easier for customers to transact. Customers can pay us by the following methods:

  • Transfer via account: SKY PAK COMPANY LIMITED
    • STK (vnd): 115 116 3333 386
    • STK (usd): 115 110 0625 007
    • Bank: Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank, East Saigon branch
    • ND transfer: we will notify specifically to suit each product.
  • Cash payment: Customers pay cash with our staff when receiving goods.
  • Payment on receipt (COD): customers can pay the carrier when receiving the goods. We accept COD nationwide.