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Are wooden pallets good for the environment?

There are a lot of wooden pallets used in transporting and storing goods each year. Many people think that they impact badly on the environment. And issues like deforestation and depletion of natural resources are the reasons they give to support that point of view. However, the use of wooden pallets is more active than many people think. To explain this, in the following article, we will analyze three characteristics that prove that pallets made from wood are environmentally friendly.

 Wooden pallets are good for the environment

Sustainable wooden pallets

Sustainable wooden pallets

Pallets made from wood are very sustainable. Most of them produce from certain trees such as pine, melaleuca, and acacia. It means that deforestation and similar concerns about environmental resource depletion are not usually caused by pallet manufacturing. Instead, trees are planted with the sole purpose of being sawn into wood that is then used to manufacture new pallets. Thus, pallets made from wood become a green and renewable resource. The majority of pine or melaleuca/acacia trees are specialized for pallet production, they grow very quickly and are readily available for easy production.

As we all know, a tree inhales and exhales carbon dioxide (CO2) during its life. The greater the concentration of CO2 in the air, the more harmful it will be to human health. So by using trees to make pallets, we have successfully stored a large amount of CO2 released into the air.

Repairable wooden pallets

One of the most advantages of wooden pallets is the ease of repair and adjustment. Unlike metal pallets or plastic pallets, wooden pallets can be custom cut to your liking. And most of them are used many times before the end of life. Instead of throwing away some old pallets into the environment, the decision to repair and reuse damaged wooden pallets is an extremely useful and environmentally friendly solution. Reusing or repairing old pallets saves trees as pallet materials, saves energy from pallet production, and helps reduce the rate of pallets being discharged into the environment each year. It is a successful combination for companies that want customers to know they are environmentally conscious and use it to promote their brands as “green” businesses.

In addition, the cost to purchase new pallets can become a major obstacle for some companies. Therefore, repairing and reusing wooden pallets will be much cheaper and will allow businesses to save a significant amount of budget.

Recyclable wooden pallets

If the pallets are damaged beyond repair, they will be recycled into other products, and used for many different purposes. Before a wooden pallet is discarded, it is often cut into pieces that can be used for repairs to extend the life of other pallets. Any other unusable scrap wood is usually ground into mulch for landscaping or turned into biomass for burning in specialty energy production facilities.

Recyclable wooden pallets

From this information, more than ever, wooden pallets are a flexible and reliable solution and good for the environment. With proper repair and recycling, wooden pallets can reduce costs for your business.

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