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Advantages and disadvantages of PE film wrapping

PE film wrapping is a plastic material widely used in the packaging and product protection industries. With many diverse applications and utilities, PE wrapping film is becoming one of the indispensable products in modern life. However, like any other material, PE wrapping film also has its advantages. advantages and disadvantages should be considered before use. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of PE film that users need to know.

What is PE wrapping film?

pe wrapping film
PE wrapping film

PE film, also known as PE wrap, is a thin elastic-plastic material used to wrap around products, boxes, crates, and pallets. It should be noted that the higher the elastic recovery rate, the better the membrane. The primary purpose of PE film is to stack products onto pallets and hold them correctly and securely during transit.

PE film is one of the widely used and available products, becoming the first choice of many users in recent years to pack all kinds of products, goods, and items. , protect components and machines from dust and agents that affect product quality.

PE film wrap is also used in many different industries such as shipbuilding, construction, agriculture, medical, …

Advantages and disadvantages of PE film wrapping

Advantages of PE film wrapping

pe film wrapping
Advantages of PE film wrapping
  • High strength: PE film has high mechanical strength, lightweight but ensures product protection properties, and has a high puncture and tear resistance when used correctly.
  • High adhesion: PE film has good adhesion, helps to adhere to other layers of goods, and maintains a fixed adhesion when weather conditions change.
  • Good waterproof ability: PE film is impervious to water and other liquids, helping to protect the product from the influence of the external environment.
  • Various sizes: PE film has a variety of sizes, from 25cm to 50cm, suitable for many different products.
  • Flexibility: PE film has high flexibility and elasticity, and is easy to bend and twist, helping to pack products of different shapes.
  • Safe for health: PE film does not contain harmful substances, safe for human health and the environment.
  • Reasonable price: PE film is cheap, and suitable for a variety of products and different applications in packaging and protection.

Disadvantages of PE film

pe film wrapping
The disadvantage of pe film wrapping goods

Although PE (Polyethylene) film has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages as follows:

  • Decreased elasticity: PE film can lose its elasticity after long use, resulting in the product inside being compressed or deformed.
  • Does not meet the requirements of applications requiring flame retardant, oil, and chemical resistance.
  • Not suitable for applications requiring high gloss film, such as high-grade product packaging.

PE film has advantages such as high flexibility, diverse sizes, low cost, and easy production, and use. However, there are also disadvantages such as decreasing elasticity, not meeting the requirements of applications requiring fire resistance, and aggressive chemicals. The choice of whether to use PE film should be based on the requirements of the specific application, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of product protection.

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