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How to calculate the right PE film size for packaging

PE Stretch film is one of the most popular methods of packaging goods to protect products from external influences and ensure safety during transportation. However, calculating the right PE film size to wrap goods can be a challenge for many people. In this article, we will share how to calculate the right basic wrapping film size for your packaging needs.

How to calculate the PE film size?

pe film size
Calculate PE film size

Calculating PE film size is the process of calculating the appropriate size of film to wrap goods. There are many factors that need to be considered when sizing film to calculate the optimal size for your application and product including the actual product dimensions, the orientation of the package when it is applied to the film, and the type of product. PE film wrapping equipment will be used. Wrong size or incorrect specifications can lead to improper PE film size calculation, affecting the efficiency of the packaging of goods.

Each package has three specific dimensions to determine the film size:

  • Product Width: Dimensions of the product in the horizontal direction (parallel to the cut or diagonal).
  • Product length: Dimensions of the product in the direction of the machine (parallel to the fold of the film, in the case of a centrally folded film)
  • Product Height: Actual height of the product. In case the product has an uneven surface, it is recommended to calculate the height from the bottom to the highest point of the package.

Additionally, when measuring product dimensions for film sizing, the longer dimension should be used as the product width (note that this cannot exceed the fixed size of the device being used).

Note when calculating film size

pe film size
Note when calculating film size

In many cases, the PE film size is not an integer, however, it is advisable to round up the size of the product to an integer. Using film that is too narrow can negatively impact machine operation and production speed, and increase your total packaging costs.
Once the package orientation and size are established, the next consideration is the type of equipment on which the package will be wrapped. Specific types of equipment specify the use of single or centrally folded film. Furthermore, some machines require a larger film size than others due to their mechanism of action.
When using film sizing formulas to calculate film size, be sure to use the formula for the type of device for which it is used.

What are the benefits of calculating the right PE film size?

pe film size
Benefits of calculating the right PE film size
  • Save materials, reduce waste

By calculating the correct PE film size, you can use the right amount of film needed to wrap the product. The use of the minimum film size will help save packaging materials, and minimize the amount of waste. This is especially useful for bulky, angular products as they can generate more waste if the film size is not calculated correctly.

  • Speed up packing

Accurate pre-calculation of the PE film size can help speed up packaging. Film sizes suitable for the product can make wrapping the package faster and easier, reducing packaging time and effort.

  • Increase aesthetics

If the film size is not correct, it can make your product look messy and unsightly. Therefore, when calculating the correct film size, you can minimize the size difference and ensure your product looks more beautiful and professional.

  • Increased packing efficiency

The right PE film size helps ensure that products are packed efficiently and safely, minimizing damage during transit.

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